Apply to become an Age-Friendly & Dementia-Friendly Business

As part of developing an Age-Friendly & Dementia-Friendly Fort Worth, we launched the Certified Age-Friendly Business program in 2018 and the Certified Dementia-Friendly Business program in 2019. These programs allow our business community to show their support for an Age-Friendly & Dementia-Friendly Fort Worth. By undergoing a review of their business and committing to making any age-friendly and/or dementia-friendly improvements that are needed, a business can become a Certified Age-Friendly Business and a Certified Dementia-Friendly Business and be included in the Age-Friendly & Dementia-Friendly Fort Worth Business Directory.


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To receive the age-friendly and dementia-friendly business designations, the business must:

  1. Be physically located or provide direct services to residents in the City of Fort Worth.
  2. Have a valid, non-expired business license.
  3. Pledge to uphold the age-friendly and dementia-friendly checklist values within a year.



Application to become an Age-Friendly & Dementia-Friendly Business

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For more information about Age-Friendly & Dementia-Friendly Fort Worth or the Certified Age-Friendly Business program, please contact:

Age-Friendly Contact: Zulema Solis | | (214) 265-4073

Dementia-Friendly Contact: Gail Snider | | (817) 332-6266