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CFW Permit Assist

CFW Permit Assist is a citizen-focused application that can assist in streamlining service delivery for the citizens of Fort Worth. The three modules below: zoning, residential, and commercial will provide the customer with a solid knowledge base around, “what is required for a project."




Residential Permitting

Residential permitting information for the development community and for homeowners who would like to work on their own property.



Land Development

Information for those interested in land development, platting, zoning,  annexations and infrastructure design.



Commercial Permitting

Commercial permitting information for the development community, business owners and residents.

New to developing in the City of Fort Worth?

Information to help get you started.


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D.J. Harrell

D.J. Harrell

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Our Mission

The Development Services Department seeks to make Fort Worth the most livable city in Texas by promoting orderly growth and development, safe construction and neighborhood vitality.

The Development Services Department remains steadfast in direct support of the City of Fort Worth in its continued vision to be “the most livable and best-managed city in the country” by creating great places for people to live, work and play. They focus on facilitating sustainable land and building development while providing an exceptional experience to all customers. The team’s charge encompasses all phases of development coordination, development engineering, zoning, permitting and inspections.