2023 Legislative Priorities

General Legislative Policy

As a general policy, the City of Fort Worth seeks to Preserve its authority to responsibly govern the City, its citizens, and its property. 

The City Supports any legislation viewed as advancing the City’s Comprehensive Plan or the City’s Strategic Goals; or that improves the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens; or that reduces the cost of governing the City. 

In addition, the city will Oppose any legislation viewed as detrimental to its Comprehensive Plan or its Strategic Goals; or that is contrary to the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens; or that mandates increased costs or decreased revenues; or that would diminish the fundamental authority of the City.


State Legislative Program

Support of State Appropriations

  1. Funding for training for the law enforcement and fire departments
  2. Funding to support institutions of higher education, including Tarleton State University in Fort Worth, University of North Texas Health Science Center, and Texas A&M Law School and Fort Worth Campus
  3. Funding to the City of Fort Worth and the UNT Health Science Center for the Economic Development and Technology Commercialization Partnership
  4. Funding for transportation
  5. Funding for the local parks grant program
  6. Funding for library resource sharing
  7. Funding for housing retention and supportive services for the homeless
  8. Funding for mental health services for the homeless
  9. Funding for Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant Program (DEEAG)
  10. Funding for youth training and youth entrepreneur programs at the local level in an effort to prepare the next generations for financial leadership
  11. Funding for developing plans and resources needed for greater broadband connectivity
  12. Funding to provide additional protective equipment for the exterior of police vehicles
  13. Funding for school resource officers in Texas
  14. The City supports funding that allows continued recovery and growth for small businesses
  15. Funding that incentivizes or benefits film and TV projects in the City of Fort Worth

Seek Legislation

  1. Seek legislation to amend state law to add three events to the Major Events Reimbursement Program (MERP)

    A. Bassmaster Classic

    B. Professional Bull Riders World Finals

    C. Fédération Equestre Internationale

    (FEI) World Cup

  2.  Legislation to request a two-year extension of state law that creates Project Financing Zones for Dickies Arena and the proposed expansion of the Fort Worth Convention Center to recover the debt capacity lost during the COIVD-19 Pandemic

Support Legislation

Support for Texas Education System

  1. Support for funding and expansion of quality early childhood education programs to include prekindergarten partnerships with community based childcare programs
  2. Support legislation expanding career pathways for students K-12
  3. Support legislation that improves the Texas education system

Support for affordable housing in Texas

  1. Support legislation to repeal or allow local waiver of the two mile/same year rule for federal housing tax credits
  2. Support legislation that limits foreign housing finance corporations (HFC) from operating in the jurisdiction of another HFC

Support for legislation that incentivizes or benefits film and TV projects in the City of Fort Worth


Support for public safety and law enforcement partners

  1. Support legislation to address the regulation and enforcement of temporary motor vehicle tags
  2. Support legislation to enhance catalytic converter theft prevention and enforcement
  3. Support legislation enhancing street car racing enforcement and regulations as added tools for law enforcement
  4. Support legislative efforts to address and eliminate human trafficking
  5. Support legislation to address and eliminate domestic violence in Texas
  6. Support legislation to address the drug overdose crisis in Texas
  7. Support legislation for school safety to include funding for school resource officers

Support for military and military installations

  1. Support legislation for the creation and development of a burn pit registry in Texas
  2. Support legislation that prohibits unmanned aircraft activities that impede or disrupt safe military operations
  3. Support legislation to address vertical obstructions, radar interference, drone technology, and emerging technologies that inhibit the operations around military installations
  4. Support legislation to address incompatible land use near military installation boundaries, training ranges, operating areas, and flight paths to mitigate against negative long-term impacts
  5. Support positive control of unincorporated lands along with tools and resources to buffer development near defense installations, including measures to allow purchasing rights and restrictive easements for non-conservation lands   
  6. Support legislation to increase meaningful employment and on-going education for veterans and cooperative integration of state, county, and local workforce training, education, and job placement resources
  7. Support legislation that enables tools to promote compatible growth around military installations and that protects the voluntary and collaborative participation efforts by municipalities 

Support for Texas communities

  1. Support the repeal of portions of HB 3167, to provide that the governing body may delegate one or more officers or employees of the municipality to approve, deny or conditionally approve plans and to allow for an applicant at their discretion to waive the deadline for a response     
  2. Support increased municipal land use authority in extra-territorial jurisdiction          
  3. Support legislation that promotes increased community health and wellness programs
  4. Support legislation that promotes strong Texas families
  5. Support legislation that will give cities and the state greater authority to address illegal recycling facilities
  6. Support legislation to enhance the ability of cities to address the prevention and control of graffiti
  7. Support legislation seeking to protect the personal information of animal adopters 
  8. Support legislation seeking to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, consistent with City ordinance

Support for infrastructure needs in Texas

  1. Support legislation that modifies state law and promotes developing plans and resources needed for greater broadband connectivity to enhance access to public education, healthcare, employment, news, and information
  2. Support legislation to provide flexibility in the expenditure of Public, Education and Government (PEG) funds      
  3. Support legislation and appropriations that implement and adequately fund the Texas State Water Plan to meet the water supply needs associated with future population growth and the economic development of our region and this State
  4. Support legislation that modifies state law to require the full disclosure of any known flood risk information, whether located within or outside of a floodplain, to prevent property purchasers from unknowingly purchasing flood prone properties


Important State Legislative Dates


Federal Administrative Priorities for 2023 

Pursuing Community Development and Renewal

  • Education Opportunity Programs 
  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)
  • New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC)
  • Second Chance Act
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP/WAP)
  • Expanded LIHEAP Eligibility Documentation Requirements: Voter ID
  • HOME Grants
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Housing Choice Vouchers: Budgetary Increases for FWHS
  • Affordable House and Rental Assistance Programs
  • Support and Expansion of Fair Housing
  • Support for Whole Health Community Clinic Expansion
  • Healthy Communities Initiative—Mortality and Life Expectancy
  • Employment Non-discrimination Initiatives
  • Energy and Sustainability Grants
  • FEMA Designations and Flood Insurance Premiums
  • Fund “non-FEMA Food Plane” Flooding Recovery
  • Fund Universal Broadband Coverage—Building Access
  • Support for existing and future broadband funding opportunities to develop middle-mile and last-mile broadband infrastructure, as well as subsidy programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) that help families acquire broadband service and internet devices.
  • Urban Park and Recreation Recovery (UPARR)
  • Land and Water Conservation Full Funding for Green Spaces
  • Museum and Library Funding (IMLS Reauthorization) 2
  • East Lancaster Transit Corridor Project
  • Increased Funding Sources for Homeowner Lead Removal
  • Stormwater and Sewer Remediation Funding

Exploring Economic Development Opportunities

  • Home Ownership Focused Community Development Funding
  • Municipal Debt Income Tax Exemption
  • State and Local Tax Deductibility
  • Collection of Remote Sales Taxes
  • Internet and Wireless Tax Authority
  • Municipal Bond Access and Liquidity
  • Federal Aviation and Contract Tower Funding Increases
  • Management and Collection for use on Local Rights of Way
  • Wet Weather Facility
  • Juvenile Entrepreneurship Funding
  • Federal Assistance with Invasive Species (Egret Population)
  • Support for Historic Tax Credit Growth and Opportunity Act
  • Youth Internship Initiative

Fighting for Public Safety Funding and Support

  • Emergency Services Funding
  • Oversight Funding for Procedural Justice, Implicit Bias, Reconciliation, and Community Policing
  • Emergency Responder Funding for Prevention and Care of Dangerous Exposure Related Illnesses
  • Emergency Management Preparedness Grants (EMPG)
  • Homeland Security Top 10 Re-Designation for Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) funding
  • CASA Funding (innovative weather satellite pilot)
  • Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS)
  • Broadband Spectrum for First Responders
  • Opposition to Federal Collective Bargaining Legislation


Federal Congressional Priorities for 2023 

Fighting for Mobility & Connectivity Improvements

Summary: Traditional and alternative forms of transit are essential to Fort Worth’s current and planned investments in economic growth and community development. Fort Worth is completing transformative infrastructure improvements that will increase access to jobs and encourage new residential and business developments. Support for ongoing mobility and connectivity improvements—including support for more favorable federal, state, and local grant formula requirements, money to elevate I-35 at critical junctions, increased capacity in key corridors, such as Lancaster Ave , robust high-speed passenger rail that spans the city, expansion of TEXRAIL to additional stops in SW Fort Worth, including the medical district, enhanced public transportation systems, and alternative transit opportunities will be continuing priorities in the 1st Session of the 118th Congress.

Support for Educational and Career Development

Summary: Fort Worth’s continued growth and economic success depends in large part on our city’s ability to deliver quality educational opportunities for our future workforce. Families in our community deserve access to youth development initiatives and programs that provide a diverse continuum of educational resources with particular emphasis on workforce development, especially in STEM/R&D. Supporting high school programs that encourage workforce preparedness, better equipping students for the needs of today’s job market, will remain a priority in our federal engagement in 2023. Additionally, early childhood education programs, nutritional development, and access to health services are critical to the long-term success of Fort Worth’s school aged children. Identifying opportunities to enhance and create programs that increase access to quality early childhood education and care through “flexible,” locally distributed federal funding dollars will continue to be a key priority in the 4 118th Congress. Also, the City is committed to partnering with the Texas A&M University System on the expansion of the A&M campus in Fort Worth.

Support for “Central City” Flood Control

Summary: Fort Worth is one of the fastest growing large cities in America. The “Central City” flood control project is a key element in managing and modernizing the “Fort Worth Federal Floodway” levee system, essential to protecting our rapidly expanding population and economy. The “Central City” flood control plan will protect people and businesses north and east of our current downtown while providing much needed economic security and certainty to these flood prone communities. Continued modernization of the Trinity River levee system will depend greatly on additional and sustained federal funding and administration support for the “Central City” flood control project and is a key priority for 2023. 

Support our local defense economy

Summary: Fort Worth’s economic growth and development is inextricably tied to the health of America’s military and defense industries. The Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NASJRB) and Fort Worth’s synergistic relationship with top military contractors in the United States are models for many cities across our nation. Continuing support for NASJRB as well as sustaining the growth of our defense contracting industries through federal 2024 budget and appropriations support will be a key priority. Additionally, Fort Worth is home to a large and growing population of active duty and reservist military personnel as well as veterans of all ages. Honoring and supporting those who have served and continue to serve our country through federal support for veteran owned enterprises, increased veterans services, and the establishment of a US Veterans Memorial in Fort Worth will be a key priority in the 118th Congress. 

Calling on Congress to Reform America’s Broken Immigration System

Summary: The City of Fort Worth is a large and growing community, deeply rooted in diverse and multicultural Texas traditions. For more than 140 years, laws governing and regulating immigration to our country have been the exclusive responsibility of the United States Congress.1 As a community that chooses to stand united, the City of Fort Worth calls on the United States Congress to fulfill its duty to the American public and pass immigration reforms in 2022 that strengthen our nation’s rule of law and sovereignty, beginning at our national borders, while also treating all people, regardless of their origin, with the dignity and respect our nation’s shared values and principles of democracy demand.