According to U.S. Census Bureau estimates:

  • Fort Worth’s population was 978,468 as of July 1, 2023.
  • Fort Worth is now the 12th largest city in the United States by population. In the past year, Fort Worth surpassed the population of San Jose. The population of Fort Worth trails 11th-ranked Austin by less than 2,000 people.
  • Of all cities over 50,000 people, Fort Worth had the 2nd largest gain in population in the past year, adding 21,365 people (approximately 59 people per day). San Antonio had the largest annual gain with 21,970.
  • Of the top 30 most populous cities, Fort Worth is the fastest growing, with the population growing by 2.2% in the past year, and 6.5% since 2020.
  • If this growth rate continues, the population of Fort Worth may reach 1 million people this year.
  • Of the top 30 most populous cities, Fort Worth ranks 24th in terms of population density (only Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, Nashville-Davidson County, Memphis, Indianapolis, and El Paso are less dense than Fort Worth).

Source: US Census Bureau, Population and Housing Unit Estimates, Vintage 2023

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Racial and Ethnic Makeup

White Alone: (Non-Hispanic): 37%
Black (Non-Hispanic): 19%
Hispanic (All Races): 35%
Asian Alone: 5%
Other: 4%

Source: US Census Bureau ACS 1-year 2021

Median Household Income

Fort Worth: $67,927
Texas: $67,321
United States: $69,021

Sources: US Census Bureau ACS 5-year 2017-2021

Median Family Income

Fort Worth: $92,300
Texas: $85,300
United States: $85,806

Source: HUD, Income Limits, 2022; US Census Bureau ACS 1-year 2021 (United States)

Physical Size

359 Square Miles




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