City Secretary's Office

The City Secretary's Office provides citizens with information on formal actions of the City Council; meeting dates, times, and places; election data; ordinances, contracts, deeds, and other official city documents.



Mission Statement

Promoting open and responsive government through proper recording and preservation of the city's legislative history and official documents; providing responsive customer service to our diverse customer base; and conducting fair and impartial city elections. 

Department Leadership

City Secretary, Janette Goodall

Jannette Goodall

City Secretary

Goodall was named Fort Worth City Secretary in October 2021. As of January 2023, she will be president of the Texas Municipal Clerks Association.

Jannette was awarded the Master Municipal Clerk designation in 2018 and was inducted into the Athenian Leadership Society in 2018. She was the City Records Manager since 2001 and has over thirty years of Records and Information Management experience.

In addition to the City of Austin, her career has included working with Illinois State University Archives. Prior to her appointment as City Clerk she was the City Records and Information Management experience.