Sidewalk Café

All Sidewalk Café operating within the corporate limits of the City of Fort Worth shall comply with the requirements of this article except as otherwise provided herein or elsewhere in the City Code.

A Sidewalk Café shall mean an outdoor dining area located on a sidewalk and containing removable tables, chairs, plants and related appurtenances, which is not located on or does not encroach upon the public walkway. It shall not be enclosed by fixed walls and shall be open to the air, except that it may have a canopy.

A Sidewalk Café shall be permitted only when such are abutting and contiguous to a restaurant in which food preparation, sanitation and related services for the sidewalk café shall be performed.

A condition of the acceptance of a permit is that the recipient agrees to police for trash and debris an area extending fifteen (15) feet in each direction from the outermost portion or boundary of the Sidewalk Café.

A Sidewalk Café may operate only during the normal and regularly operated hours of the restaurant to which it is adjacent.

Application for a Sidewalk Café must be made in person and the permit shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance. Renewal for the permit on a Sidewalk Café must be made sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of a permit. If no renewal application is made prior to this expiration , all tables, chairs and other appurtenances associated with the facility shall be removed prior to or upon the expiration date. If the permit expires without a renewal and the applicant wishes to continue the operation of a Sidewalk Café an application for permit will be treated as if there was no previous permit.