Food Manager Certification

Managers of food facilities in Fort Worth are required to have a valid Food Manager's Card.

Online only

Step 1. To get the card, you must:

  • Take the Online Food Manager Course and Exam.
  • Complete and pass the exam to earn the Food Manager Certificate.

Step 2.If you already have a food manager certificate:

  • The card is valid until the expiration date of the State Certification.
  • For more information, call the Consumer Health Division at 817-392-7255. 

Food Handler Certificates(valid for two years)

Food Handler Certificates (valid for two years):

  • Classes taught at Consumer Health’s main office. $16
  • Classes taught at the facility by Consumer Health staff: $16
    No payment accepted on-site. Payment due in full at Consumer Health’s main office (price per certificate).
  • Taught by contract trainer with approved Food Handler curriculum: $12
  • Fort Worth online Food Handler class: $10


Change of Ownership

Change of Ownership Fee: $125


Farmers market fees

  • Annual Farmers Market: no charge
  • Annual Farmers Market Food Vendor: $100