Plan Review

Plans for extensive remodeling and construction of a food service establishment; public pools and spas; and day care facilities must be submitted to the Consumer Health division for review under city and state law. Download a plan review guide for more information.

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Submit your plan review for remodeling and construction


Step 1.Read food establishments and permitting requirements

 When a food establishment is newly constructed or extensively remodeled, when a food establishment has a change of ownership, or when an existing structure is converted to use as a food establishment, properly prepared plans and specifications for such construction, remodeling, or conversion shall be submitted to the Department of Development for review and approval before construction, remodeling or conversion is begun. 

Plan Review(PDF, 138KB)

Step 2.Contacts numbers during the process

  • 1000 Throckmorton, Lower Floor, (817) 392-2222.
  • Consumer Health Division Plans Reviewer may be contacted at (817) 392 -7255.
  •  Department of Planning and Development for details at (817) 392-2222.
  •  Inspections (817) 392-7255.
  •  Customer Service at 817-392-4477 


Step 1.Read the requirements

Plan Review for Child Care Facilities

  • Two sets of properly prepared plans and specifications
  • Letter of Intent submitted to Consumer Health Division
  • Building Permit
  • Inspections
  • Water Supply
  • Sewage Disposal
  • Building and equipment
  • Kitchen and dining areas
  • Classrooms
  • Restrooms
  • Diaper changing stations
  • Bedding
  • Cribs and playpens
  • Child Care Certification  817-392-7255 


Step 2.Contact numbers during process.

  • Department of Development (817-392- 8115)
  •  Child Care Certification  817-392-7255 
  • Planning Assistants at 817-871- 8072, ext 8028, or ext 8029. 
  • Tarrant County Health Department, Communicable Diseases at 817-871-7279
  •  Plans examiner at 817-392-7255 
  • Consumer Health Division, 818 Missouri Ave, 1st Floor, 817-392-7255. 


Step 1.Read Checklist for Public Swimming Pools and Spas Definitions:

 Review Checklist (PDF, 403KB)

Step 2.Understand the class of pools and spas 

  • Class A pool
    • Any pool used, with or without a fee, for accredited competitive aquatic events.
    • Competition pool may be used for recreation. 
  • Class B pool
    • Any pool used for public recreation and open to the general public with or without a fee.
  • Class C pool
    • Any pool operated for and in conjunction with lodgings such as
    • hotels, motels,
    • apartments, condominiums,
    • mobile home parks,
    • property owners associations, clubs, etc.
    • or a school, college or university while being operated for academic or continuing education classes
    • or clubs or practice events (excluding competition events).
    • The use of such a pool would be open to occupants, members or students, etc. and their guests but not open to the general public.
  • Class D pool
    • A splasher pool with a maximum water depth of 36 inches at any point or wading pool with a maximum depth of two feet at any point.
  • Spa 
    • A constructed permanent or portable structure that is two feet or more in depth, that has a surface area of 250 square feet or less, or a volume or 3250 gallons or less which is intended to be used for bathing or other recreational uses and is not drained and refilled after each use.
    • It may include, but is not limited to, hydrojet circulation, hot water, cold water, mineral baths, air induction bubbles, or any combination thereof.

Step 3.Contact Numbers during the process

  • Contact the plan examiner at (817) 392-7255 to schedule a pre-gunite inspection. 
  • Contact the plan examiner at (817) 392-7255 to schedule a pre-plaster inspection.
  • Contact the plan examiner at (817) 392-7255 to schedule a preliminary inspection at least seven days before construction is completed.
  • Contact the plan examiner at (817) 392-7255 to schedule a final inspection to permit the facility.
  • Before any alterations are made to the submitted and approved plans you must contact the plan examiner for approval. (817) 392-7255.
  • Contact the Department of Development at (817) 392-7820.
  • Contact the Water Department at (817) 817-8203. 






Plan Review Fees

Plan Review Fees: $65–$400

Based on square footage. Refer to “Schedule of Plan Review Fees”

Consumer Health Fee Schedule

Fiscal Year 2020

Pre-Permit Request for Services Fee: $125

Re-inspection Fee for Site Visits (per site inspection):

-After closure of a food facility, mobile food unit, child care facility, aquatic facility, hotel and motel. $125 

Duplicate Permit or Certificate: $5



Fixed establishment annual permit fees

Fixed Establishment Annual Permit Fees

  • Food Establishment: $385
    • Per employee (maximum of 100 employees): $5
  • Day Care Facilities: $385
    • Per employee: $5
  • Swimming Pool/Spa/Aquatic Sprayground (per pool/spa): $385
    • Per employee: $5
  • Hotel/Motel: $385
    • Per employee: $5


Pool Operator Course

Pool Operator’s Course (valid for three years) (pre-registration required): $65