Bulk Waste Collection

Bulk waste collection piled up large items

Fort Worth provides monthly curbside collection at residential homes of items that are too large, heavy or bulky to fit in the brown garbage cart for normal garbage pickup.

Reminder: All bulk and brush piles need to be set out by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your assigned bulk collection week.


On March 8th, City Council adopted the ordinance amending the service rate for the out-of-cycle and contaminated bulky waste pile in Chapter 12.5, Environmental Protection and Compliance, Article VIII, Solid Waste and Recycling, Division 4, Deposits, Rates and Collection, Section 12.5-841.1, Residential Collection Fees

Under the rules of the Bulk Waste Program (Program), residents are required to put their bulk materials out for collection by Monday at 7am of their assigned bulk week. Residents are also responsible for only putting out materials that are accepted in the bulk waste program. Bulk materials set out at the wrong time are considered “out-of-cycle” and bulk materials set out that are not allowed in the program are considered “non-compliant”.

The ordinance will amend section 12.5-841.1 of the City Code to increase the out-of-cycle and contaminated bulky waste pile collection rate as follows:

  • From $75.00 per 5 cubic yards and $65.00 per 5 cubic yards thereafter, up to 30 cubic yards ($75.00 shall be minimum charged to household)
  • To  $123.52 per 5 cubic yards and $107.40 per 5 cubic yards thereafter, up to 30 cubic yards ($123.52 shall be minimum charged to household)

These new fees go into effect on August 1, 2022


Read rules

Step 1.How much can be set out? 

  • Learn More on Bulk Trash(PDF, 449KB)
  • Bulky item pick-up is limited to 10 cubic yards (about eight feet long, six feet wide and six feet tall) at no extra charge to each household that receives curbside garbage and recycling collection.
  • There is an extra charge for piles exceeding 10 cubic yards. Only one pile per household is allowed.

Step 2.When to put items at the curb?

  • Place bulky items on the curb by 7 a.m. Monday of a resident’s assigned week.
  • Items may be placed on the curb as early as 6 p.m. the Friday before the assigned week.
  • Crews have until the following Saturday at 5 p.m. to pick up bulky items.
  • After crews have collected items on a street, do not place more bulky items on the curb until the next month on the designated week.
  • View a map of designed bulk collection weeks(PDF, 684KB) 

Step 3. Where to place the bulk items?

  • A bulk pile must be at least two feet away from trees, mailboxes, water meters, fences or other obstructions or it will not be collected.
  • A bulk pile located under trees or where tree branches block access will not be collected.
  • Any items that will fit in your Brown Garbage Cart are not bulk and should be put in plastic bags and put in your Brown Garbage Cart.

Step 4.Separate bulk trash and bulk brush 

  • Create separate piles for household bulk trash and bulk brush.
  • There should be a minimum of two feet between the piles.
  • Bulk trash goes to the landfill; bulk brush gets processed and turned into mulch.

Not allowed

 Do not include these items.

The following items should not be set out as part of bulky item collection:

  • No trash, garbage, rubbish, waste or any material of any kind in plastic bags
  • No leaves, grass or other yard trimmings in plastic bags. These items should be set out in paper yard bags for weekly yard trimmings and brush collection.
  • No automobile parts, batteries or tires (residents can dispose of four tires every six months at city drop-off stations)
  • No contractor remodeling and demolition debris such as shingles, wallboard and lumber
  • No electronic equipment such as computers (use the city drop-off stations)
  • No household appliances that contain coolant, gasoline or other chemicals, including air conditioners, refrigerators and lawnmowers (accepted at city drop-off stations)
  • No dirt, rocks, concrete or ceramic tile
  • No liquids, poisons or explosives
  • No glass


City of Fort Worth curbside garbage and recycling services are provided by Waste Management and Knight Waste Services.

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