Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

a man wearing a mask while talking into a phone

The City of Fort Worth City Council has authorized the City to donate excess personal protective equipment and hand sanitizer (“PPE”) to local organizations over several phases. The first phase was approved in June of 2023 and was completed in January of 2024. Because the City still has excess PPE available, the City is now adding additional phases, which include a broader scope of entities that are eligible to receive the PPE.

There are plenty of masks and hand sanitizers left; please see the attached order form for more information about sizes and quantities.

Beginning May 6, 2024, the following organizations are eligible to request PPE through the third phase of the PPE Donation Program:

  • Nonprofit entities with a physical address in the City of Fort Worth;
  • Nonprofit entities with a program location in the City of Fort Worth;
  • Chambers of Commerce with a physical location in the City of Fort Worth
  • Teachers and other staff from schools that serve the City of Fort Worth
  • Any Business that has a permanent address in the City of Fort Worth

Interested entities should submit their PPE order using the online form or by emailing the form(PDF, 162KB) to the email address below. The form must be completely filled out and any requested supporting information must be attached. The City will do its best to ensure that all requests are at least partially filled, but orders will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Forms can be submitted beginning May 6, 2024, to be processed in the 3rd Phase. Phase 3 is anticipated to close on the earlier of July 31, 2024, or when all PPE has been given out. Forms should be submitted as soon as possible. In the event excess PPE remains after the completion of the 3rd Phase, the City will provide more information about the 4th Phase of the Program.

Once forms are received, the City will contact organizations to schedule a pickup time. All items must be picked up from the City at City Hall or the City Hall Annex located at 401 W. 13th Street.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Robles using the information below.

Phone: 817-392-2013