Diamond Hill Community Center Replacement

  • Project value10.9 million

The existing facility is being demolished due to age, a need for improved function, and insufficient space for programming needs. The design and construction of this new Diamond Hill Community Center involves associated site improvements including, but not limited to, a boxing gym, gymnasium, fitness area and meeting rooms.


Public Art Component Budget                    $211,534.00

Rising Strong by Elizabeth Akamatsu embodies the spirit and strength of the Diamond Hill community. The idea of planting a seed, setting roots and growing a bountiful life serves as a metaphor for the area and is the basis for this floral sculpture. Designed as a bouquet, three various gem-shaped flowers create a tripartite form representative of the power of family, community and a commitment to the future. The stainless-steel sculpture will be installed during construction of the new Diamond Hill Community Center. For more information: www.fwpublicart.org