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Community Action Partners services include utility assistance, rent, mortgage and social services. Federal and local funded programs assist residents to move toward economic self-sufficiency and to strengthen the community.


Community Action Partners has received an overwhelming number of applications. If you have applied, please allow application to be assigned for processing. 



Application must be complete and include all required documents to be processed.  If applying online and are a returning client, you will be asked to update information about your household.  If mailing in your application, please make sure you have the sufficient postage necessary to ensure delivery.

You are responsible for paying your bill or making payment arrangements until your application is processed and you are notified. 

Approved payments are provided directly to the utility provider, landlord, property management or mortgage company and/or financial institution.

In order to apply for services, applicants must:

  • Must live in Tarrant County.  

  • Must be the account holder or authorized user on utility account if requesting utility assistance (authorized user must reside in the home).

  • Utility assistance covers electricity, water and gas/ propane only.

  • Must be the primary lease or mortgage holder if requesting rental or mortgage assistance.

  • May only apply for rent, mortgage or utility assistance related to one primary property. 

* Refunds from closed accounts are returned to the City of Fort Worth's Community Action Partners program.


Renters & Homeowners

Landlords/property management companies must register as a vendor with the City of Fort Worth and agree to payment terms and conditions. 

  • Crisis rental/mortgage assistance is available for applicants who have experienced a financial hardship, that has caused unexpected household expenses making it difficult to pay your rent/mortgage.

  • Rental/Mortgage Assistance is not ongoing assistance and is made to alleviate crisis.

  • Must provide current ledger of payment history and documentation of the ability to pay rent/mortgage going forward.

* Rental / Mortgage funding is limited. Assistance is not guaranteed.


Application must be complete and include all required documents to be processed.  If mailing in your application, please make sure you have the sufficient postage necessary to ensure delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to provide?

Incomplete applications or missing documentation will delay the application process. The following documentation is required for a complete application.

  • ID (for household members 18 and over) 
  • Proof of Income for the 30 day period to the application date for household members 18 and over (paystubs, award letters from the current year, unemployment payment summary, etc.) 
  • Declaration of Income Statement (DOI) completed/signed in absence of income for household members 18 and over. DOI form is available in the Additional Documents tab on the top right CAP website.
  • Proof of Citizenship  or legal Permanent residency for all household members  
  • US Birth Certificate or US  Passport for US born applicants/family members or, 
  • Naturalization certificate – front and back or Permanent Resident card – front and back for non-US born applicants 
  • Social Security cards for all applicants or numbers correctly entered in the application 
  • Utility Bills  
    • Electric  
    • Gas  
    • Water  
  • Current fully executed Lease, signed by all parties (if requesting rent). If unable to submit all pages, at least first and last/signature pages are required. 
  • Mortgage Statement (if requesting mortgage)  
  • Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) form  completed. SAVE form is available in the Additional Documents tab on the top right CAP website.
  • DD-214 (veterans). Veterans may be eligible for additional assistance through the Veterans grant.

How do I submit these documents?

In the last step of the application, you will have the option to upload documents. You can upload your documents, preferable in pdf or jpeg format from there. You can either scan them all together in one pdf (preferred method) or upload photos of them individually.

I don’t have a printer; how do I complete the DOI and/or SAVE?

You will need to download and either print or edit using pdf editor to complete and sign these documents. Form will be fillable and can be saved after completion and uploaded to attach to application. If you are unable to do any of these options, you can contact us at 817-392-2276 or and we can email you the form via adobe sign to be completed/sign electronically or provide you with an alternative option.

How do I know if my application went through?

After you submit your applications you will get a message on your screen from the Fast Track System indicating that the application was submitted successfully and will provide you with a 6-digit confirmation number. 

Please secure that number in case you need to follow up later about your case. Please be mindful that receiving this message doesn’t necessarily mean that the application is complete, but it does mean that we are able to see it on our database. 

The system does not recognize the documents you are attaching. If you are missing any document you will be contacted later to request those by email. If you don’t receive the confirmation message and number, that means that all steps were not completed, the application not submitted, and thus, we can’t see it.

What are the next steps after I submit my application?

A staff on the CAP online team will review your application to verify if it was submitted with all information and documents. You will be contacted by email or phone to request any missing documents. The process can take a few weeks to be completed depending on volume of applications and speed of applicants in submitting missing documents.

Incomplete applications or missing documentation will delay the application process.

Can my case be expedited if I have a disconnection or eviction notice?

Unfortunately, many of the families who apply for our services are in different crisis that make difficult for us to prioritize one case over another. Thus, cases are all reviewed/processed in the order they are received and documentation completed, regardless of any other consideration.

What should I do If I forgot to upload a document and I already submitted my application?

No, in that case please email the document(s) to Please put the name on the application and confirmation number on the subject line. We will retrieve the document (s) from there when your application is reviewed.

I was born in the U.S., can I just submit my social security cards if I don’t have my birth certificate or passport?

No, unlike popular knowledge SS cards proof identification, but not citizenship. Please contact us at 817-392-2276 or to discuss alternative options, if available for your particular situation. Same thing will apply if you do not have any of the other required documents available.

How do I know who my caseworker is?

After your application is assigned, you will be contacted by the caseworker or assistant to provide their contact information and explain the following steps. After that moment, please contact your caseworker directly for updates about your case, instead of the CAP online unit.

I received assistance this year, but need additional assistance, do I reapply?

If you received, help, you will contact the caseworker/staff that provided you information on your eligibility. Your caseworker will work directly with you for the reminder of the calendar year (January-December). Please contact your caseworker directly if you need additional assistance instead of reapplying.

If you are unable to locate the phone number of your caseworker, you can visit our website to find the community center where your caseworker is located at the bottom of the page

I applied this year and was denied assistance, should I reapply?

No, your caseworker will work directly with you for the remainder of the calendar year (January-December). Please contact your caseworker directly to update them on current situation and provide the updated documentation in order to be considered. Your caseworker will determine your eligibility again at that time.

I received assistance in the past, do I need to apply again?

Yes, each application is good through the current calendar year. If you need assistance again, you will need to submit a new application each year you need assistance. For example, an application is good for January of current year to December of current year (January 1 – December 31).

I don't have access to or use computers, how can I apply?

You can use a paper application and apply by mail. If you prefer, we can mail you an application. Contact us at 817-392-2276 or email with your name and mailing address and make the request.

The paper application will need to be completed and mailed with a copy of all required documents to:

Community Action Partners
PO Box 6519
Fort Worth, Texas 76115 

You can also pick up an application in person from your nearest CAP office. 

I am seeking assistance to attain vocational/trade certification or improve chances of getting a job can CAP assist with that?

Yes, we have a Case Management program whose focus is to assist low-income individuals to get tools that will help them become self-sufficient. You will need to submit the same application and select Case management among the assistance needed options.

Your assigned caseworker will interview you to explain in detail the benefits and responsibilities of the program before determining your eligibility

I applied but have not been contacted, what do I do?

You can contact the CAP Online unit at 817-392-2276 or email us at

The process can take a few weeks to be completed depending on volume of applications and speed of applicants in submitting missing documents.

How do I share a compliment or file a complaint?


We strive to provide extraordinary customer service in a compassionate and respectful way. Please report any compliment or complaint by using this form.

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