Priority Repair Program

The Priority Repair Program helps Fort Worth homeowners in need of emergency or mechanical system home repairs. Repairs are limited to once every 12 months based on eligibility. 

What types of repairs are included?

Priority Repair Program technicians will perform a home inspection to determine if an applicant is in need of repairs (highest priority one) or mechanical system repairs (priority two). 

  • Priority One repairs will be addressed before
  • Priority Two repairs.

Priority One – Repairs

Priority One repairs are situations or conditions that occurred recently without warning, and is considered detrimental or one that poses a threat to life and/or the health safety of occupants and requires immediate action.

Repairs are limited to :

  • Sewer line breaks
  • Fresh water line breaks
  • Gas line breaks/leaks
  • Water heaters (inoperable or unsafe units)
  • Unsafe or inoperable heating systems (inoperable or unsafe)

Priority Two – Mechanical System Failure Repairs

Conditions of deterioration that, if left unattended, will threaten the health or safety of the occupants.

Repairs are limited to:

  • Electrical System Failures
  • Roof Repairs
  • Unsafe or inoperable HVAC systems (Air Conditioning system)
  • Unstable, sagging or rotten subflooring



English - Putting Residents First: The Impact of Fort Worth's Priority Repair Program -

Español - Los residentes primero: El impacto del Programa de Reparaciones Prioritarias de Fort Worth



  • The home must be located within the City of Fort Worth
  • The home must be owner occupied
  • The home’s value must be 80% or lower than the area median home value of the City of Fort Worth, according to the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtor’s published home report.
  • The home value is referenced according to the current Tarrant Appraisal District total appraised value. You must provide verification of household income
  • Required paperwork must be completed before home assessment
  • Total household income for all adults living in the home cannot exceed more than 60% of the area's median income. View income limits shown in the chart below.


Priority Repair Income Limits

Household Size Priority Repair
60% AMI
1 $40,200
2 $45,960
3 $51,720
4 $57,420
5 $62,040
6 $66,660
7 $71,220
8 $75,840

Updated June 23, 2023



Apply for the Priority Repair Program

Use the online form to apply for the Priority Repair Program.
Applications are in both English and Spanish.


The Priority Repair Program now prioritizes based on need and vulnerability, but please be advised that due to high demand, current wait times are VERY LONG.


Priority Repair  Program Application


No individual shall be denied services solely on the basis of his or her race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation. 

Hearing and speech-impaired persons may access the program’s number by calling the Federal Relay Service at 800-877-8339. Braille or large print copies of Priority Repair Program documents are available upon request.