Arcadia Trail Park




  • 1990



  • 69.1 acres


Additional amenities

  • Picnic Tables 
  • Shelters 
  • Walking path
  • Tennis Courts
  • Baseball Backstop
  • Soccer
  • Parking lot
  • Electricity
  • Pet Station


Fun facts

Arcadia Trail Park is located just north of Basswood Boulevard and east of I-35W. The 69-acre linear park was acquired in 1990 and takes its name from the adjacent street and residential development. In 1994, the City Council approved funding for improvements that included, concrete sidewalks, tennis courts, a shelter, picnic tables, nature trail, bridges, playground, practice backstop, and signage. In 2006, PACS staff undertook several Small Capital Improvement Projects in city parks, including playground renovations at this park. The park has 1.24 miles of hike-and-bike trails.

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