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Commissioned in February 2023 by City Manager David Cooke, The FWLab is an initiative in support of Fort Worth’s organizational values focused on making government better. The work undertaken by the FWLab advances the City’s Vision to “be the most livable and best managed city in the country” through building organizational capacity to explore, analyze, and learn from data that is discoverable via existing and new municipal systems and components. 


Department Divisions


The Budget Division is responsible for developing and managing the annual budget in the pursuit of Council’s Strategic Priorities. Major areas of work include: 

  • Operating budget, including enterprise, special revenue, and all other fund types. 

  • 5-year Capital Improvement Program and budget. 

  • Bond program. 

  • Revenue and taxation analysis. 

  • Fiscal analysis and special projects.  



Adopted 2023 Budget & Tax Rate

The City of Fort Worth adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year’s tax rate. The tax rate will effectively be raised by 4.59% and will raise taxes for maintenance and operations on a $100,000 home by approximately $24.77.

To learn more about the FY2023 Adopted Budget and view the required notices, please click here.




The Comprehensive Planning Division is responsible for developing and managing the Comprehensive Plan and associated processes and initiatives.  Major areas of work include: 

  • The Comprehensive Plan. 

  • Small area plans. 

  • Strategic Investment Plan. 

  • Fiscal Impact Analysis. 

  • Other analysis and special projects. 


Strategy & Performance

The Strategy & Performance Division is responsible for coordination of organizational strategic alignment and measurement of outcomes and impact. Major areas of work include: 

  • FWStat program and organizational key performance indicators. 

  • Operationalization and reporting of Council’s Strategic Priorities. 

  • Organizational assessments. 

  • Survey and public input design and analysis. 

  • Strategic Foresight and other studies. 


Data Analytics

The Data Analytics Division is responsible for the organization’s data strategy and enhanced analytics, including the following areas of work: 

  • Data dashboards. 

  • Data governance and organizational policy. 

  • Building and use of complex analytical models. 

  • Data warehouse development and management. 



Hear City leadership describe the vision of the FWLab (video)

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Department Leadership


Christianne Simmons

Chief Transformation Officer

Christianne Simmons was named chief transformation officer in December 2023. She was previously the assistant director of the FWLab with a focus on the City’s $2.6 billion operating budget and the upcoming implementation of priority-based budgeting.

Simmons has served in a number of leadership roles, where her responsibilities have included fiscal management, strategic planning, capital and facilities planning, creation and reporting of key performance indicators and performance metrics, and operational program management.