Learn water-saving landscape techniques with two virtual workshops

Published on July 19, 2021

a green graphic that says Your Better Yard

A free workshop aims to help homeowners make the most of their yards while saving time, money and water by matching tips with how they use their spaces.

“Your Better Yard” is a program developed by the EPA WaterSense program and presented by the Fort Worth Public Library and the Fort Worth Water Department. The virtual workshops are 10:30 a.m. Saturday, July 31, and 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 7.

“A lot of people want a lush backyard with rose bushes and turf grass, and they have four kids,” said Rebecca Begley, water conservation specialist for the Water Department. “Well, you’re probably not going to have that kind of yard. You’ll learn in this campaign what you need to do to get the yard to fit your lifestyle.”

The workshops not only feature suggestions from Your Better Yard, but the Water Department is dropping in tips for Fort Worth residents to save water by using native and adaptive plants, following water schedules, using drip irrigation and more. Conservation is so important locally because of the summer heat, and the tips can help save money as well.

“People in this part of the country can spend 50-70% of their water bill on outdoor watering during summer months,” Begley said. “It’s about 30% for the rest of the country.”

Experts Patrick Dickinson and Daniel Cunningham will host the programs. They both work with Rooted In, a DFW-based group of horticulture and conservation experts that offers a holistic, science-based approach to meeting the demands of an ever-changing Texas landscape. The two-part series will explore eight yard lifestyles, four per session.

“We’re always looking to reach new people and new audiences,” Begley said. “The Library is known throughout the city for putting out all kinds of wonderful information in seminars and workshops, so we’re really excited to reach a new audience.”

Register for the free workshops. Participants may download the “Find Your Better Yard” after they register.

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