SmartWater assessments offered to Fort Worth businesses

Published on March 31, 2022

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Fort Worth Water offers free water use assessment and comprehensive report services with the SmartWater ICI Assessment Program. The services are available to all Fort Worth industrial, commercial and institutional water customers.

The cost of water is deceptively low. In reality, facilities pay for water twice by paying for water supplied and wastewater discharged. So paying for lost or wasted water adds up fast.

Water use assessments are a best management practice for water conservation to prevent water loss due to leaks, reduce water use and improve water efficiency across a facility.

Other advantages of assessments include providing a road map for implementing a water conservation program, potential reduction in energy costs, inclusion as an integral strategy in a larger sustainability program and recognition at the city’s environmental awards program.

Assessments are coordinated through Fort Worth Water Conservation and performed by a city-contracted consultant. Assessments include historical consumption data analysis, water use balance and site walk-throughs to identify water conservation measures; including domestic, process, irrigation, stormwater, rainwater harvesting and alternative sources of water use.

The comprehensive report includes recommendations and estimated returns on investment for implementation of those recommendations.

Funding for the program is limited each year.

To learn more, contact Fort Worth Water Conservation by email or at 817-392-8740 or visit the webpage



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