Save water and money while enjoying your heat retreat

Published on June 01, 2022

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Swimming pools are a great retreat from hot Texas summers, but they need proper care to be water- and energy-efficient.

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests evaporation is responsible for up to 70% of water loss in pools and spas. Water lost through evaporation can total as much as one-quarter to one-half inch per day. EPA WaterSense estimates that, depending on location, a typical uncovered pool can lose between 12,000 and 31,000 gallons of pool water to evaporation every year. Evaporation also reduces the temperature of your pool, increasing energy costs to heat the water.

Visit to learn how to conduct a bucket test for leaks, discover the benefits of pool covers and windbreaks, learn more about pool filters and get proper guidance for how and when to drain a pool.

These tips will help you enjoy your pool while saving water, energy and money all summer long.



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