City changes mowing procedures due to grassfire risk

Published on July 29, 2022

a man inside a large lawnmover drives around grass

Due to the risk of grassfires, the City of Fort Worth has made changes to its mowing procedures and schedules.

Stormwater Management Division

The City’s Stormwater Field Operations will shut down all mowing crews that use large machinery. The stoppage will be in effect until further notice, said Juan Cadena, operations officer for streets and stormwater operations.

Only handheld equipment such as string trimmers, pole-saws and chainsaws will be used to control vegetation growth in drainage areas such as bar ditches and open channels. Handheld equipment will only be used when a fire extinguisher is close at hand.

Transportation & Public Works’ street operations crews will also be working cautiously with fire extinguishers on hand as needed.

This change in mowing services will last until local weather conditions creating extreme dry grass conditions are no longer a risk.

Park & Recreation Department

The Park & Recreation Department is following fire prevention best management practices, including installing fire extinguishers on all vehicles and equipment, and only mowing selected areas, such as irrigated and actively growing areas as appropriate. If rocky terrain is being mowed to create fire fuel break areas, mower decks will be raised and spotters will be onsite.

Questions about Park & Recreation mowing schedules can be directed to 817-392-5700.



Photo: Some mowing using motorized equipment has been halted to avoid the risk of setting off grassfires during the dry conditions.



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