Public Safety

Section Chief:
Benjamin Sampract


The Public Safety Section serves as general legal counsel to the Fort Worth Police Department and the Fort Worth Fire Department. The attorneys advise officers on a variety of topics, including the First Amendment, Fourth Amendments, and other issues related to arrest, searches and seizures. Specific job duties include: 

  • Issue legal opinions and legal bulletins, as requested by FWPD and FWFD.
  • Review FWPD and FWFD subpoenas and requests for Public Information.
  • Teach recruit officers various legal courses, including Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, and the Criminal Justice System.
  • Handle expunction cases.
  • Attend administrative staff briefings and other meetings.

The Public Safety Section also handles claims and defends lawsuits involving allegations of federal civil rights violations and state-law torts allegedly committed by Fort Worth police officers or other city employees. The section handles the lawsuits from initial service of process on the city or employee through final disposition, including appeal. 


Prosecuting Attorneys

The prosecutors in the Public Safety Division prosecute Class C misdemeanors, including traffic citations and violations of the City Code.  They are responsible for appearing on various trial and plea dockets set in Municipal Court. The prosecutors also handle civil proceedings in Municipal Court such as truancy, towing cases, dangerous animal cases, and appeals of parking cases.