General Services

Section Chief:
Tyler Wallach


The General Services Section is responsible for legal work in:

  • Aviation and Ground Transportation
  • Budget, Financial Services and Tax Collection
  • Parks and Library Services
  • Information Technology and Copyright
  • Utility Regulation
  • Open Government and Legislation
  • Arts and Public Events
  • Economic Development

Attorneys in this section are responsible for drafting and reviewing ordinances, administrative regulations and policies administered by client departments. The section negotiates and drafts city contracts, licensing agreements, certain leases and develop all necessary legal documents for professional services.

The section provides general legal guidance and oversees all legal work related to ground leases and license agreements for use of the city’s airports, public facilities and public streets; provides comprehensive legal services for budget and financial matters, including purchasing and procurement, tax collection, tax increment financing and other economic development programs. Attorneys of the General Services section also perform legal work related to city elections and redistricting, public information requests, open meetings compliance, utility regulation, parks and community services and libraries.



Nico Arias


Christopher Austria


Janese Dudash


Royce Hansen


Richard McCracken


Matthew Murray


Taylor Paris


Jo Ann Pate


Trey Qualls


Siang L. Sang



J.B. Strong



Jessika Williams - Assistant City Attorney I

Jessika Williams