Intakes and Surrenders

kittens in a carrier and a dog in a carrier

Ensuring the welfare of our four-legged friends is at the heart of our mission. Our intake services are tailored to the wonderful residents of Fort Worth.

If you're a proud Fort Worth resident seeking support for animal intake, you're in the right place — we're here for you! Exceptionally, if your furry companion was recently adopted from our facilities within the last 30 days, we're ready to assist, no matter where you call home. However, for residents in unincorporated Tarrant County, surrender inquiries are best directed to the Sheriff's office for clear guidance.

If you reside outside these specified areas, fret not! Reach out to your local animal shelter, and they'll guide you through the process.

Together, let's ensure a bright future for all our beloved pets.

Please note that all pets being surrendered by their owners to the City of Fort Worth must have proof of current vaccinations. Please contact the shelter for more information: 817-392-1234.

Fort Worth Animal Care & Control kindly requests that residents who find themselves needing to surrender their pets first consider rehoming them through friends and family networks.