Community Organization Support

The City maintains a registry of neighborhood organizations to facilitate the distribution of important information, including Courtesy Zoning Notifications. Registration with the City is not required, but highly recommended.   

Not sure if there’s an organization in your area?  Type your address into the City’s OneAddress tool and see if there is anything listed under ‘Neighborhood Organizations.’ If there is an organization listed, visit the Neighborhood Database to locate contact information and other details. 

Registration Process

Download the Community Organization Registration policy(PDF, 168KB) to learn more about how to get your organizations going, or contact Community Engagement.

The most common types of organizations are:

Voluntary Neighborhood Organizations

A voluntary neighborhood association is an organization that represents all residents in the neighborhood and operates through an open, democratic process to improve or maintain the overall quality of life for all individuals within those boundaries. Membership in a voluntary neighborhood association is open to all the residents in the neighborhood but participation is optional.

Mandatory Neighborhood Organizations

Mandatory neighborhood associations are established to maintain common areas and enforce private deed restrictions. Unlike a voluntary association, membership in the association is not optional. When an individual purchases property within a mandatory association, the individual automatically becomes a member. These organizations are often called HOAs.

Information Updates

We want to make sure you are receiving important information. Registered organizations are required to submit an update form annually. However, updates should also be submitted as soon as possible after elections or any time contacts change.  Complete the appropriate online form below, or download the PDF and email a completed copy to  

Voluntary Organization Update

Voluntary-Organization-Update.pdf(PDF, 229KB)

Mandatory Organization Update

Mandatory-Organization-Update.pdf(PDF, 188KB)