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The Zoning Section implements and enforces the sign ordinance.

Sign Permit Application(PDF, 212KB)

Sign Submittal Checklist(PDF, 10MB)

Sign Fees Schedule(PDF, 131KB)

At this time all sign permit applications are accepted online only.

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What is Required

  • Detached Signs:  Site Plan with dimensions to property lines, easements overlaid on site plan, Plat, Exhibit of sign and all measurements for sign in feet.  Engineering required if any part of the sign is above 25’.


  • Attached: Building Elevations, sign exhibit and measurements for sign in feet.  If there is more than 1 sign, each requires a separate permit and a site plan identifying the location of each sign (ex: A, B, C, etc.)



Unified Sign Agreement

Unified Sign Agreement Checklist & Application(PDF, 292KB)

Unified Sign Agreement Ordinance

  • Contact Lynn Goforth 817-392-2513 for USA Plan Review Information.



Signage does not require an inspection card. Details about your project will be available to your inspector electronically.

The following outlines signage inspections. Numbers preceding inspection name are the inspection codes for the IVR system.

  • 505 Sign Location - Required for all signs. (Including reface)
    Contractor’s presence during inspection is not required unless there is an initial question regarding the placement. Subsequent to this inspection an extension of 90 days is added to the permit prior to install/expiration.
  • 510 Sign Foundation – Required for detached signs and billboards where the height of the sign or billboard is greater than >25’-0” tall.
  • 503 Sign Installation Final – Billboard Inspection Only
  • 520 Sign Annual – Billboard Inspection Only
  • 500 Sign Final - Required for all signs (including reface) on the day of install prior to installation of sign.
    Contractor’s presence during inspection is not required on refaces when face replacement is all that is done. Contractor may call the morning of this installation between 7:30-8:30 AM in order for that inspector to meet onsite with sign installer. Sign is inspected on the ground before going up and partial approval is given. When the install is completed, the sign permit will be approved.


Sign Inspectors:

Greg Compton at (817) 201-1965

Juan Fernandez at (817) 201-6026


Sign Kiosk Program

In November 2007, the City Council approved Ordinance No. 17872, which amended the sign regulations to authorize the construction of kiosks for home builders and developers as part of an effort to reduce the proliferation of “bandit” signs used by home builders and developers to advertise their product. The purpose of the City of Fort Worth Kiosk Sign Program is to provide directional signage for home buyers locating subdivisions, housing developments, home builders, public facilities and community events within the City, while discouraging the placement of unsightly and hazardous off-site directional signs.

The City of Fort Worth awarded Baker-Clearview Operating, LLC as the kiosk vendor in charge of manufacturing and installing Kiosk Sign structures and sign panels throughout the City of Fort Worth in accordance with the specifications set forth in the Sign Kiosk Agreement.

There will be Primary Kiosk Sign Structures, (12 feet above average grade), Community Kiosk Sign Structures (8 feet above average grade), and Neighborhood Kiosk Sign Structures (6 feet above average grade). Individual sign panels on the Primary and Community Kiosk Sign Structures shall not exceed 52.5 inches in horizontal length by 10 inches in height. Individual sign panels on the Neighborhood Kiosk Sign Structures shall not exceed 24.5 inches in horizontal length by 12 inches in height. The panels may reflect the names, logos and colors of the home builders, developers or facilities. The monthly rental fee will be $50.00 per sign panel.

Under the new ordinance, on-premise developer signs are not allowed. However, staff recommended a zoning text amendment that would allow developer signs not to exceed 64 square feet on private property at the subdivision entrance. The Zoning Commission will present this proposed amendment to the City Council on May 6, 2008.

Off-premise developer signs are still prohibited unless they have a permit under the old ordinance that has yet to expire. City staff will begin taking enforcement action on any off-premise signs that are non-compliant during the month of April.

For questions regarding renting space on the kiosk signs, locations, and maintenance of the sign structures, please contact George Faris, II, Manager of Baker-Clearview at 817-737-4472. For questions regarding the details of the program, please contact Michelle Hadley-McGhee, Contract Compliance Administrator at 817-392-7233.