Street Permit

From banners overhead for a street, to temporary street use and parades. Request a Street permit to and be sure to read about the policies, requirements and instructions.

Access the online account

Step 1.What can be done with street permits

The Fort Worth online street permit system allows users to:

Step 2.How to create my account

As a new user select this link and under accounts "Create a Login"

  • You will need a username, following the directions
  • Username must be between 6 and 13 characters and cannot contain any special characters (ex. /,\,*,@,&,%,^,#)
  • Create a password
  • Enter first and last name
  • Enter you email twice for confirmation
  • Enter your mailing address with zip code
  • Enter a good contact phone number

Step 3.Find a permit to renew or check status

Search the status of your account by selecting the this link "Find Permit

  • Enter the permit number
  • Select Locate Permit button

Step 4.Log into your account

 Log into your account using this link, "Login"

  • Use your username and password to access