Northwest Fort Worth/Lake Worth Area

Northwest Fort Worth park

The Northwest Fort Worth/Lake Worth Area is bounded roughly by Highway 287 to the east, the City limits to the north and west, Loop 820 to the southeast, and White Settlement Road to the south. Soils in this area consist of a mix of thin, rocky soils with veins of sandy loam, and deeper sandy soils.  Cedar elm, Texas ash, Texas red oak, Mexican buckeye, Texas redbud, live oak, white shin oak, eastern redcedar, and hackberry are found on rocky soils and ridges.  Sandy soils are dominated by post oak, blackjack oak, rusty blackhaw, American elm, redcedar, green ash, and pecan.  Native post and blackjack oaks have been preserved in many of the older neighborhoods.  Commonly planted trees include red oak, pecan, American sycamore, bur oak, and live oak.


Northwest Fort Worth Boardwalk