Environmental Easement Vacations

Fort Worth property owners may wish to abandon an easement. Doing so requires approval from various City departments and/or public utility companies. The City’s Property Management Department is the City’s lead on this process.

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Real Property Easements


Step 1.Download a Application for vacation or Abandonment

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By phone

Step 1.Contact for Questions



Step 2.Scheduling an appointment

  • If the application is not related to new development project
    • please call 817-392-7590 and schedule an appointment.
    • no application will be accepted until reviewed by a real property personnel
  • If the application is related to a new development project
    • please coordinate with your project manager
    • no application will be accepted until the project manager is deemed complete

In person

Gather the documents you will need:

  • Include non-refundable fee of $300.00 made payable by cashier's check or money order
  • Metes & bounds description sealed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor
  • Exhibit map of a convenient size, sealed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor (The easement proposed for abandonment must be clearly labeled on the exhibit map)
  • Notarized concurrence letters from adjacent owners or all parties served by the easement (Note: the form contains space for adjacent owners’ signatures. You may use this form to obtain the signatures from all interested parties; however, the signatures must be notarized. You may attach additional sheets for notarization purposes.) If an adjacent owner holds the property in a Trust and is signed by the Trustee, or owner has designated a Power of Attorney or Attorney in Fact, then a copy of the Trust Document or Durable Power of Attorney must accompany the form. The consent forms and exhibits must be signed and notarized by ALL of the following:
    • City of Fort Worth Water Department
    • City of Fort Worth Transportation and Public Works Department
    • City of Fort Worth Environmental Services Department/Environmental Quality Division
    • Oncor Electric Delivery Company o Atmos Energy (Notary not required for Atmos Energy only)
    • AT&T o the local cable company
    • Tarrant County Health Department ETJ and Tarrant County Engineering ETJ if the property is located in the extraterritorial jurisdiction
    • Any others listed on the exhibit

Vacation -- Petitions for abandoning an easement requires approval by the various City departments and/or public utility companies having a vested interest in said easement. The City Manager or the City Manager’s designee, upon review of the case, approves the vacation by signature. No re-plat by the applicant is required. The easement abandoned is then filed in the courthouse records by the Property Management Department, Real Property Division.