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The City of Fort Worth has embarked on an initiative to reimagine its City Hall in order to provide enhanced services for the residents of Fort Worth. In January 2021, the City closed on the former Pier 1 Imports headquarters building, located at 100 Energy Way. The building has been a staple of the Fort Worth downtown landscape since 2004 and provides the City with the ability to consolidate services into a building that has room for growth. Key points of the project are listed below: 

  • The program looks to consolidate City staff and functions from 13 other City buildings in proximity to the downtown district into the Future City Hall
  • The Future City Hall project will involve the redesign and renovation of many floors within the building with the goal to create a welcoming workplace and municipal center for public services
  • Other areas of focus will include new construction of City Council Chambers, building infrastructure upgrades, as well as enhanced technology, security, and AV solutions for the building. The City Council Chamber project expects to host the first council meeting in the new facility in the Fall of 2023.
      • The team has worked with the community, City leadership, community groups, and City staff to bring forth the design concepts show below, which are still under review
      • The planned groundbreaking for this facility will take place in September of this year, and formal announcements will follow soon
  • The City is looking to embrace “Shared Daylight” concepts in the building in tandem with flexible hybrid floor plans and modern workstations;  accommodating nearly double the occupants than previous tenants and providing flexibility for growth for the next 50 years
  • The project will be completed in a phased approach with construction beginning in June and running through final move-ins in the first quarter of 2024. 

Successful delivery of the project is contingent on timely, cost-effective and quality expectations aligned with the goals and principles listed below:



   Ultimately, the City aims to provide a near one stop shop for public facing functions to best serve and empower the community 


If there are any questions, comments or concerns please send them to



Ground breaking City Hall

Council Chamber Sub Session


One Stop Shop Internal Session

Ground breaking city Hall

Concept Floor

concept 1

Concept Floor

concept 2

Concept Floor

concept 3

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, key project stakeholders participated in a three-hour City Council Chambers public design workshop held virtually on WebEx. Fort Worth Mayor, Mattie Parker participated in a Welcome video to begin the workshop.

Mayor's Welcome

Workshop attendees received a presentation facilitated by Athenian Group, Boka Powell, Brinkley Sargent Wiginton Architects, and K Strategies. The project team worked with stakeholders to develop an overall understanding of the vision of Fort Worth and the Future City Hall. Click the button below to see an exert from the workshop from our lead architect Mark Dabney explaining some elements of architecture and design. 

Design Overview


The work to date also defined the final scope for the program, including the four main elements of the program:

  •  Tower Renovations to accommodate flexible floorplans the more than 23 City departments and 12 City buildings relocating to the tower
  • Construction of a new council chambers facility on the site to accommodate the growing City of Fort Worth and better support the City’s Boards and Commissions
  • The new council facility is currently heading into detailed design and will be going through the Downtown Design Review board process shortly
  • Additional parking capacity to accommodate the more than 1400 City Staff and visitors coming to City Hall on a daily basis
  • Development of a true municipal site, including additional sidewalk, gathering areas, and safety features

Work to date has also included several early packages focused on getting core elements of the building ready prior to renovations

  • This has included the replacement of the nearly 20 year old roofing on the building, spanning more than 20 sections of roofing
  • Implementation of many core City network infrastructure components
  • Critical pre-construction testing including geotechnical and site utilities assessments

What is the Concept Floor?

The concept floor is the first opportunity for employees to see the furniture, technology and collaboration spaces that are currently planned for Future City Hall.

  • The Concept Floor is set up for city staff to come with your laptop, plug in and spend some time working in the new space.
  • This will be the first in a series of events to help support the city through the change to Future City Hall.
  • We know that while exciting, change is always hard, and we want to take this opportunity to experience the new space with you.


The Concept floor has received 800+ visitors thus far and the overall feedback has been very positive with a few key areas to address moving forward: 

  • How to work in the new meeting spaces and areas?

  • Understanding how to operationalize the new workstations? (storage, acoustics, etc)

  • Defining building operations for future use? ( security, facilities)

With the data collected during this time period the team is working through a robust communication plan, tailored OCM plans by department, and the overall move toolkit to help departments prepare for the transition.

concept 2

The project is looking to use as many local business equity firms as possible throughout the program, with a 30% business equity target


Fort Worth Business Equity Department