Directions Home


Making homelessness rare, short-term and nonrecurring in Fort Worth



Directions Home: 

Funds housing services and resources for people experiencing homelessness in Fort Worth.


  • Oversee $3 million in city funds to reduce homelessness and keep clients housed
  • Work with community partners to align resources and processes to most effectively reduce homelessness
  • Facilitate development of permanent supportive housing units to reduce chronic homelessness 

* U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines chronic homelessness as an unaccompanied homeless individual with a disabling condition who has been homeless for a year or more.

Directions Home Funding Permanent SupportiveHousing Rapid Exit|Diversion Rapid Rehousing System Support System Support 20% Rapid Rehousing 9% Permanent Supportive Housing 47% Rapid Exit | Diversion 24%
TaskHours per Day
Permanent Supportive Housing12
Rapid Rehousing4.8
System Support7.2



Permanent Supportive Housing

Categories Programs
Programs Case Management for Permanent Supportive Housing  944,977
Mental Health/Tenant Services for Permanent Supportive Housing  328,000
Health Navigators for Permanent Supportive Housing 70,000

Rapid Exit | Diversion

 Categories  Programs
 Rapid Exit | Diversion   683,000

Rapid Rehousing

Categories Programs
Rapid Rehousing  270,542 

System Support

Categories Programs
Critical Documents Services  150,000
Direct Client Services Fund  300,000
Housing Navigators  33,668
Continuum of Care Support  84,491

2022 Funded Programs Quarterly Outcomes