Trinity River Waterwheel Initiative


Photos and statistics courtesy of Clearwater Mills LLC. (2013) Clearwater Mills Sustainable Environmental Technologies.


Updated 7/16/2024.

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Become part of the litter solution with the Waterwheel initiative for a cleaner Trinity River. Check out our sponsorship page for a full list of donors who are already supporting the Trinity River Waterwheel Initiative!

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What is a Waterwheel?

The City of Fort Worth is home to over 100 miles of trails along the beautiful Trinity River and its tributaries. 

A waterwheel is planned to be a new resource in Fort Worth, making a positive impact on being a sustainable and environmentally-friendly community. Everyone wants access to clean water and the ability to enjoy recreational activities without coming into contact with trash or stormwater pollution. Waterwheels are a gigantic solution to cleaner waterways. 

It couldn’t be any simpler but the results are astonishing when it comes to cleaning tons of trash pollution from waterways in a short period of time.


A waterwheel is a pollution-control, wheel-based machine that is placed in flowing waterways to collect and remove floatable pollution.

The waterwheel and an attached conveyer belt is mounted on a floating platform. Containment booms funnel floating trash and debris to a conveyer. The waterwheel, powered by energy from the river current and solar-powered pumps, works the conveyer to lift trash and deposit them into a detachable dumpster. The dumpster is then hauled by a service vessel to a transfer point for disposal.

The entire structure is covered to protect the equipment and prevent trash from being blown by the wind. It also houses the photovoltaic (solar) panels. The entire waterwheel measures approximately 52' long x 24' wide with a 14' diameter x 3' wide wheel.


  1. Collects trash and litter from rivers and streams
  2. Improves the aesthetics and the usability of waterways
  3. Improves the aquatic ecosystems for fish and wildlife
  4. Uses solar power - a sustainable energy source
  5. Provides an opportunity to educate the general public about the problem of pollution
  6. Inspires people to become a part of the solution to end litter

Protecting Our Water Quality

Help protect the water quality in the Trinity River which:

  1. Provides drinking water for Fort Worth and customers' cities.
  2. Supports efforts for economic development.
  3. Contributes to positive community appeal, appearance and overall quality of life.
  4. Provides habitat for aquatic life and recreation.

Projected Impact

Waterwheels are a proven, sustainable, lower-cost technology to clean our valuable Trinity River. There’s no doubt that trash in our waterways harms habitats, transports chemical pollutants, and threatens aquatic life. This is an important step in laying the foundation to reduce and eliminate harmful environmental impacts for the Trinity River.

environmental-waterwheel-impact.jpgData excerpted from Baltimore, MD Healthy Harbor Initiative.

Did you know...?

  • A waterwheel can remove more than 50,000 pounds of solid waste per day. That's about the size of 2 ½ garbage trucks.
  • A waterwheel is capable of filling an 18 cubic yard dumpster in less than 2 hours.

Sponsorship Levels

Check out our sponsorship page for a full list of donors who are already supporting the Trinity River Waterwheel Initiative!


Signature Donor 

Donations up to $1,000

  • Thank you letter

  • Invitation to the groundbreaking ceremony with name listed on printed event program

  • Invitation to the opening ceremony with name listed on printed event program

  • Name listed on the Keep Fort Worth Beautiful website


Bronze Donor 

Donations of $1,000-$4,999

Signature Donor level plus:

  • Logo on the KFWB website

  • Logo on groundbreaking ceremony program

  • Logo on opening ceremony program


Silver Donor 

Donations of $5,000-$9,999

Bronze Donor level plus:

  • Donor gift

  • Logo on opening ceremony banner


Gold Donor 

Donations of $10,000-$49,999

Silver Donor level plus:

  • Booth at opening ceremony

  • Quarterly metrics update


Platinum Donor 

Donations of $50,000-$99,999

Gold Donor level plus:

  • Excerpt about company/organization on the KFWB website

  • Photo opportunity with shovel at groundbreaking ceremony

  • Logo on wheel signage

  • Personal tour of waterwheel with KFWB board members


Diamond Donor 

Donations of $100,000-$400,000

Platinum Donor level plus:

  • Branded quarterly metrics media pack for two years

  • Branded placard on ground-level site marker

  • Opportunity to speak at media events


Title Sponsor Donor 

Donations over $400,000

Diamond Donor level plus:

  • Branding on the waterwheel



Tarrant Regional Water District

For more than 90 years, TRWD has improved the quality of life in the communities by providing a reliable and sustainable water supply, vital flood protection and an outstanding variety of recreational opportunities.

Streams & Valleys, Inc.

A Fort Worth non-profit organization dedicated to saving, sharing and celebrating the Trinity River. 

Site Location

A site has been selected on the Trinity River near the Purcey Street Outfall.


Clear Fork Trinity River: Purcey St. Outfall