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Go green at school! School Green Teams are intended to enrich curriculum, to encourage school and community stewardship, and to inspire generations of environmental awareness. The program is free, easy-to-follow, flexible and adaptable in order to support all students in the community. Register your green team today, or feel free to reach out if you need help getting started!

Get Started

Registration Information

School Green Teams require a school green team coordinator who is 18 years of age or older. Required information is as follows:

  • Name of the green team coordinator (must be 18 years of age or older)
  • Coordinator phone number
  • School name
  • School address
  • Grade level(s)
  • Estimated number of adult leads/sponsors (must be over 18)
  • Estimated number of student team members
  • School type (e.g., public, private, charter, homeschool, other)

Program Benefits

When you sign up to be a school green team, you can receive educational resources and support. Our goal is to help you to get your students excited about the environment and take sustainability efforts to the next level. 

Green teams have access to the activities listed on this webpage, and can sign-up for our monthly KFWB e-newsletter that will keep you informed about program updates and upcoming events. Students will have exciting opportunities to reach beyond the classroom and connect with our community. 

Benefits include:

  • Teaching students about important environmental and sustainable topics.
  • Enriching existing classroom curriculum.
  • Encouraging school and community stewardship.
  • Inspiring generations of environmental awareness and sustainable behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of schools are allowed?

School green teams can be established at any school to include: public, private, homeschool programs, after-school programs and specialty schools (i.e., music, martial arts). Even colleges and universities can register their green team with us.

Is there a cost to register a green team?

No. There is no cost to be a part of this program.

What grade levels can participate in green teams?

School green teams are open to all ages. Most programs are designed for adaptability to kindergarten through 12th grade. College/university green teams are encouraged to participate and can reach out to discuss age-appropriate programming.

What is the deadline to sign up?

You can register your team at any time of the year! There is no deadline; you can start at any time. Renewal reminders are sent out each year in August.

I’m a student, can I organize a green team?

Students in grades K-12th must have a non-student coordinator over 18 years of age. Green teams are most frequently coordinated and registered by a school faculty or staff member. In some cases, parents/guardians can serve as school green team coordinators. College/university green teams can be student-led.

If my green team is returning for another year, is registration required again?

Yes, both first-time and returning school green team leaders must sign-up, each year. This helps to maintain accurate contact information and updated participation.

Does our campus have to be with in the Fort Worth ISD?

No. Several school districts have campuses within the City of Fort Worth city limit.

How many students are required to create a green team?

There is no size limit. The smallest green team size would be two: one coordinator and one student. This has occurred with homeschool green teams.

What if team time is extremely limited for activities?

Program elements are very flexible and adaptable. Our team can work with you to make adjustments.

How are green team activity hours captured?

Green team coordinators are encouraged to use Better Impact, an online software platform designed to capture activity hours. This help to record team hours. Typically, hours are recorded once per month. KFWB staff are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

What is the green team challenge?

The green team challenge is an annual challenge (August – May) that encourages participants to complete defined activities. By completing certain activities and documenting efforts, school green teams can record points. Green teams can win prizes. The green team with the most points will be named the team of the year.

What is the green team of the year?

Each May, the top scoring school green team is recognized as the KFWB School Green Team of the Year. Recent winning schools have received a tree to be planted on campus and a School Green Team of the Year banner or KFWB prize pack will be provided to the green team students. The winning team is also recognized on through the KFWB e-newsletter and social media.

Where is the green team challenge form?

Green team coordinators receive the challenge form upon registration. If needed, please email us. We can help you register your team and provide the current green team challenge form:

Does my green team have to participate in the green team challenge?

No.  While we encourage every team to participate, it is not required. Green teams can register, but elect not to take part in the challenge.

What about activities during summer months?

School green teams can certainly complete activities during summer months! Since traditional academic terms close during summer months, there is no active green team challenge during the summer. 


KFWB works to provide several activities and options for green schools. Example topics and resources include:

  • Litter Control
  • Water Quality
  • Recycling
  • Air Quality
  • Soil & Groundwater Protection

For access to the full School Green Teams Activity Sheet and Challenge Form, please register or contact

Log Volunteer Hours

Green team coordinators can track hours for themselves and their teams through Better Impact. Hours captured can include time dedicated to litter cleanups or other school green team activities. Activities can be done individually or as part of the school green team.

Log Hours

Request Volunteer Verification Letter

If you are a green team coordinator, you can request a verification letter or certificate for volunteer hours for you or your students.

Be sure to include:

  1. Student name(s)
  2. Number of volunteer hours (per person)
  3. Description of green team activity

Requests may include hours for activities such as: litter cleanups, emptying recycling bins at school, working at a community garden, etc. Of course, please do not include mandatory community service or activities performed due to disciplinary action.

Send your request(s) to

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