Commercial Waste & Recycling


The City of Fort Worth does not provide commercial waste or recycling hauling services.

Businesses, churches, schools, and multi-family housing complexes may contact the City’s Call Center at 817-392-1234 for assistance starting or improving a recycling or waste reduction program.

The City Call Center can get you in touch with staff who can work with you to help reduce and responsibly manage waste. They are available to perform waste assessments, help train staff, develop a personalized waste diversion plan, assist with external marketing and internal promotion, and can even provide deskside recycling bins for qualifying facilities, as available.

All commercial and institutional facilities of Fort Worth are eligible to enroll in the material management tracking and recognition program. Facilities with advanced sustainability practices are encourage to apply for additional levels of recognition through Business Smart and the annual Environmental Excellence Awards.

Fort Worth schools can also take advantage of the School Green Teams program offered in partnership with Keep Fort Worth Beautiful. 


Waste service providers 

Step 1.Become a waste service provider

  • To become an approved Fort Worth service provider, download an application(PDF, 22KB).
  • Return the completed application to:
    • Solid Waste Services Division 4100 Columbus Trail Fort Worth, TX 76133

Step 2.Additional Questions

 For additional information, contact Customer Care at 817-392-1234 or

Step 3.Current waste service providers



Recycle service providers 

Step 1.Commercial Recycling Contact

The City of Fort Worth currently does not provide commercial recycling services, but staff is available to answer questions about starting a recycling program for your business, church, school or multi-family housing complex.

Contact the city’s Material Management Program or call the help line at 817-392-1234 to learn more about starting a recycling program.

Step 2.Starting a Recycling Program

Before you talk to a recycling provider or waste hauler, consider your building, your operational needs and your recycling goals as well as access limitations at your facility.

Questions to consider include:

  1. What potential recyclables are we throwing away?
  2. Which recyclables will be the easiest to collect?
  3. How valuable are these recyclables?
  4. Which employee or building manager will be responsible for coordinating the recycling effort?
  5. If a recycling container is needed, where can it be located?

Questions To Ask When Choosing a Recycling Provider

  • What types of material do you accept?
  • What is the minimum amount of material you will accept?
  • Can our recyclables be collected in a single container or do they need to be separated by type (i.e. metal, paper, plastic, etc.)?
  • Do you provide containers or bags for recyclables?
  • What is the rate for your recycling services, and will recycling a greater amount of material than expected affect our rate?
  • Can we reduce the amount or frequency of waste collections (and in turn, cost) by recycling?
  • How much does it cost to add additional types of recycling to our service in the future?
  • Can we partner with other companies in our building/facility?
  • Do you provide waste audits at our facility to assist in determining what to recycle?
  • How often do you collect recyclables? Is it on a set schedule or on a call-in basis?
  • Can you provide us with the amount/weight of material we are recycling? 

Step 3.Commercial Recycling Service Providers

Recycling vendors are exempt from the waste hauler Grant of Privilege required by the City of Fort Worth.

This list is not comprehensive and is not an endorsement of any businesses or the services provided by them. Check the Internet or Yellow Pages for other recycling vendors.

View list

Company Phone Materials Accepted
Big City Crushed Concrete 972-243-5820 Concrete
CMC Recycling 817-332-8111 Metal
Clean Harbors 214-631-1660 Hazardous waste disposal, industrial cleaning, remediation, emergency response
Closed Loop Recycling 888-873-3645 Industrial Textiles: Absorbents, Gloves, Sleeves, Rags and Wipers
Commodity Recycling Solutions LLC 817-300-6958 Electronics, Hospital Equipment, Metals, Single Stream*, C&D**
Conex 1-866-879-2663 Single Stream* Recycling in 96-gallon carts or dumpster service
Cowboy Compost 682-313-0456 Food waste for composting (commercial or residential)
Cowtown Excavating 817-232-9702 Concrete Recycling
Custom Recycling Solutions LLC 972-342-7639 Single Stream* recycling totes, roll-off rentals
DeBass LLC 972-248-1679 Single Stream* carted recycling for multifamily & business, Electronics, Stryrofoam (no peanuts or food-grade products)
Evergreen Paper Recycling 817-293-4400 Paper, Plastic
Foam Fabricators 817-623-0034 Packaging Styrofoam (no peanuts or food grade products)
Fusion Recycling 972-675-7767 Single Stream*, Multifamily, Business Recycling; Food Waste
Gamtex Industries 817-334-0211 Metal
ITU AbsorbTech 888-729-4884 Industrial textiles to include oil absorbents, shop towels, gloves and mats for professional laundering and reuse.
Jereco Recycled Materials 817-561-1755 Clean concrete and asphalt
Lighting Resources Texas LLC 817-921-1440 Batteries, fluorescent lamps, electronics, and universal waste
MM Recycle Source LLC 972-839-6051 Paper, cardboard, plastics, electronics, and metals
Mayer Materials 817-907-0585 Brush, manure, clean fill dirt
Moore Recycling LLC./Paper Retriever 214-357-4357 Paper and cardboard only
Northside Scrap Metal Recycling 817-626-5771 Scrap Metal
Progressive/Waste Connections 817-222-2221 Single Stream*, C&D**, LEED, Paper Hauler
Protect Environmental Services 817-589-9005 hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal and management
Republic Services Co. 817-332-7301 Single Stream*, Brush, C&D**
Silver Creek Materials 817-246-2426 Brush, Pallets
SouthWaste Services Inc. 972-406-1215 Grease Trap Grease
Texas Carpet Recycling 817-552-1011 Carpet
Thelin Recycling Co. LLC 817-926-5626 Brush, Asphalt shingles, C&D**, Concrete, Scrap metal
Trans-Environmental Services 972-243-1210 Hazardous waste disposal, industrial cleaning, remediation, emergency response
Trashbusters Inc. 817-929-4665 Multifamily Valet & Single Stream* Hauler
Tuck N/A Mattresses
Valet Waste 855-395-3335 Multifamily Valet only, no hauling service
WSI 214-501-8100 Multifamily Valet and Single Stream* Hauler
Waste Away LLC 866-999-8983 (ext. 700) Multifamily Valet only, no hauling service
Waste Management 817-348-2600 Single Stream* Hauler, LEED, Cardboard only, C&D**, Electronics
WastePoint 1-855-889-2783 Doorstep trash and recycling services for apartments, retirement, military, student housing, or hospitality

* Single Stream — Paper, Metal, Glass, and Plastic collected for recycling in a commingled form.
** Construction and Demolition material


Apartment required recycling 

Step 1.Multifamily/Apartment Recycling

Fort Worth requires property managers and owners of apartments and condominiums with eight of more units to provide recycling services for their residents.

Visit the Multifamily Recycling page to learn more about the rules.



Property managers and owners of apartments and condominiums with eight or more units are required to provide recycling services for their residents.

Multifamily Recycling Plan

 Property owners/managers must complete and submit a recycling plan(PDF, 648KB) to the city a minimum of three months prior to their scheduled recycling start date. Property owners/managers with pre-existing recycling programs are asked to complete a Recycling Plan describing their existing recycling program and submit the plan to the city as well.


Property Owner Resources

Download the property owner checklist(PDF, 89KB)(PDF, 89KB)of items to complete in order to achieve ordinance compliance.

Let your residents and employees know that your facility offers recycling. Download a flier to post or distribute:

For more information about Multifamily Recycling, call 817-392-1234 or email


Special Events

Step 1.Request recycle bins for special events


The City of Fort Worth offers loaner recycle bins for events taking place in Fort Worth, based on availability. To request recycle bins for your special event through the Bin Loan Program:

  1. Fill out the Event Recycling Request Form.
  2. Arrange a time to pick up recycling bins and bags.
    Pick up supplies at:
    Parks and Recreation Dept.
    North District Service Center (NDSC)
    1700 Brennan Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76106
    Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m.
  3. After your event, call 817-564-8849 or 817-718-8997 to arrange a time to return recycling bins, unused bags and all recyclable materials collected during your event back to the NDSC. Borrowers will be charged $55 for each bin not returned in clean working order.

Step 2.Recommendations for successful recycling

  • Collect cardboard boxes in a designated area available only to vendors during setup and takedown.
  • Target aluminum cans and plastic drink bottles only. The bin lids are labeled to reduce confusion and contamination.
  • Use the buddy system and pair each recycle bin with a trash can.
  • Glass is accepted but can create a hazard when collecting. Be careful with broken glass.
  • No Styrofoam, plastic bags or plastic films.

Step 3.Contact 

For more information contact the city's Keep Fort Worth Beautiful Team at 817-392-2046.

Step 4.Sponsors

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Prepared in cooperation with the North Central Texas Council of Governments through funding from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.


City of Fort Worth curbside garbage and recycling services are provided by Waste Management and Knight Waste Services.

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