Electronic Recycling


Every household has old or broken electronics that are no longer in use. However, when disposed of improperly, electronic devices can be a hazard to our environment. Help us keep waste away from the landfill by recycling your obsolete or damaged electronics instead of throwing them in the trash.

The City of Fort Worth makes it easy to recycle your old electronics. Through our new partnership with United Electronics Recycling (UER), residents can now bring electronic products to one of our Drop-Off Stations, where they are collected so that their recyclable materials can be put to use again. This is a safe process, both for the environment and for our residents. If you forget to wipe out any of the data stored in a device, United Electronics Recycling will make sure it is destroyed as part of the recycling process.

Examples of electronics accepted: Limit two electronics every six months.

  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • TVs 
  • Gaming systems
  • Wireless phones
  • Digital cameras and camcorders
  • MP3 players
  • Other electronic gadgets



  1. Visit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) website for recycling options offered by computer and television manufacturers. All computer and television manufacturers are required to offer recycling options for the equipment they produce.
  2. Conduct an Internet search for companies that are accepting, and in some cases, offering rebates for electronic items such as MP3 players, wireless phones, electronic camcorders, etc. Some stores sometimes offer trade-in programs for computers, monitors, digital cameras, camcorders, game systems and other gadgets.