Red Helmets

Red Helmets

The Red Helmets is an organization of dedicated civilian volunteers that have been providing rehab and relief to the Fort Worth Fire Department for more than 45 years. Membership is made up of residents willing to give time and energy back to the community. Focus is to provide meals, refreshment and relief to emergency personnel. Members are not trained in firefighting, although are proud that some of the past members are currently serving with the Fort Worth Fire Department and other local emergency service groups; as well as some current members are retired firefighters. The Red Helmets are on call all day, every day responding as requested by the Fort Worth Fire Department.

During drizzling freezing weather, wet rainy nights and hot summer days, the Red Helmets will be there. The alarm office will notify the Red Helmets dispatcher of an incident, who contacts the members to respond. Some activities are also planned in advance such as displays, airshows and public events.

The Red Helmets are proud to operate the Fort Worth Fire Department Canteen Unit. This truck is equipped with heat/air, microwave, a coffee machine, water, Gatorade and other snacks, as required due to weather. The Canteen Unit responds to all two-alarm and greater fires. The Canteen Unit is the Fire Department’s third since the group started and was put into service in 2005. The Red Helmets also respond to other incidents by request and as backup for the Rehab truck.

Volunteering for a meaningful organization such as the Red Helmets is a very rewarding experience. The main incentive is knowing that we have helped our firefighters perform their important responsibilities. We all know that their heartfelt THANK YOU truly means. Working with the Fort Worth Fire Department has allowed the Red Helmets to meet and associate with such a fine group of people, that supporting them is a privilege and not a task.

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The Red Helmets are always looking for additional members.

Volunteer Application

Download a program brochure.(PDF, 3MB)

If you would like additional information, contact us using the information below, or stop in during one of our monthly meetings. They are held the first Monday of every month except September and December at the Fort Worth Fire Department - Supply Building, 2900 West Bolt St. at 7:30 p.m.

To find out how to join, contact:

Frank Thompson
817-882-7711 Work
817-292-0359 Home

Fort Worth Red Helmets Inc.
2910 W. Bolt
Fort Worth, TX 76110


red helmets

red helmets