Risk Management

Risk Management — a division of Human Resources — is charged with coordinating claims and litigation, loss prevention/loss control and city-owned commercial insurance programs.

The Property and Casualty Insurance program combines commercial and self insurance to cover standard risks associated with property coverage on City structures, boilers and machinery, electronic data processing equipment, crime (employee dishonesty plus theft, disappearance and destruction, and faithful performance coverage), public official bonds, helicopter liability, excess airport liability and liquor liability.

Third-party liability claims against the City and subrogation efforts by the City are handled internally by licensed claims adjusters. The liability insurance program is largely self-funded for liability claims and lawsuits, settlements and expenses.


  • Claim Reporting
    • General Liability
    • Auto Accidents
    • Property & Casualty 
  • Claims & Lawsuit Management
  • Subrogation Services
  • Consultant/Contract Review for Insurance Requirements
  • Insurance Procurement
  • Boiler & Machinery — State Inspections
  • Comprehensive Property Inventory
  • Loss Prevention — Risk Exposure Assessments
  • Certificates of Insurance — Requests & Tracking

Note: Workers' Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, and Health and Life Insurance are located in the Human Resources Department.

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