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Kits aim to reconnect people with memories

These containers are filled with items meant to help spark memories and conversations with people with reduced memory for checkout to take home.

The kits are packed with items relating to an interest or career, including themes focusing on beauty, games, gardening, handyman and sports activities. Seeing and touching the various items in the boxes can rekindle memories and inspire conservations, with the experience meant to be an enriching one for all who use them.

The handyman kit contains 29 pieces ranging from safety goggles, work gloves, a rubber mallet and a paint brush to a model-plane kit and a jar containing nuts and bolts. The cooking-themed kit has 19 pieces that range from culinary tools (cookie cutters, pot holders, muffin tin, potato masher) to ingredients (sprinkles, pumpkin spice) and also scented candles to help spark memories.

The Memory Boxes were developed with guidance from the James L. West Center for Dementia Care and funded by the Junior League of Fort Worth.


Search our catalog for "James L West Memory Box" and reserve one for pickup.


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