Mobile Printing



Fort Worth residents and visitors now have an easy way to print documents anywhere using a computer or mobile device, and can pick them up from eight Fort Worth Public Library locations.

Documents and photos may be printed remotely and sent directly to Library printers via the PrinterOn webpage or by using the PrinterOn app. The service is available at eight different Library locations offering limited walk-in service across the City of Fort Worth.

Once submitted, visit the Library location selected within 24 hours to release, pay for and retrieve the print job. Black & white pages cost 15 cents each, and color pages cost 50 cents each (cash only).

The service provides a simple and easy way to print documents, whether it’s for people on the go or for those who do not have access to personal printers. This is just one more way the Fort Worth Public Library provides access to its resources for all residents.

Download the PrinterOn app on iOS or on Android mobile devices.