Teen Court

Teen Court was developed and is sanctioned by the Texas Legislature for teenagers 10-17 years old and others currently enrolled in high school who receive Class C citations from the City of Fort Worth.

Participation is voluntary and completion of the requirements will result in dismissal of the citation.

Teen Court eligibility:

  • Must be under the age of 18 or enrolled in high school or GED classes.
  • Must appear before a Municipal Court Judge with a parent, legal guardian or proof of marriage and enter a plea of guilty or no contest and ask the Judge for referral to Teen Court.
  • Must not currently be enrolled or have completed any teen court program in the State of Texas within the last year from the date of citation.

Teen Court Requirements:

  • Community service hours assessed by a teen jury, ranging from no less than 8 hours to no more than 50 hours for each offense.
  • Serve two jury terms. Jurors may serve up to eight extra hours (four hours per jury) beyond the required two to receive community service credit. The two required terms do not earn community service hours.
  • Pay court costs of $20.00 per offense.
  • Essays
  • Other requirements assigned by The State of Texas, the Fort Worth Municipal Court Judge, or the teen jury.
  • Complete all of the requirements within three months from the Teen Court hearing date for dismissal of the citation.

Community Service Worksites

The responsibility of finding a worksite where the participant will work his/her community service hours will fall on the participant and his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  During enrollment, the Teen Court staff will provide a guideline of possible worksites.  The only requirements for an approved worksite is that it must be a non-profit agency, government agency, or a school.  

Teen Court Defendants and Jurors

Dress Code

The courtroom is a formal setting, commanding respect from all that participate in its proceedings. Therefore, defendants and jury members will observe the following dress code:

  • No shorts/capri pants
  • No tank tops
  • No caps or hats
  • No inappropriate t-shirts
  • No midriff shirts
  • No short skirts
  • No beach shoes
  • Jeans are allowed if they are neat and clean
  • No ripped and/or torn jeans

The Court reserves the right to refuse involvement to anyone not dressed appropriately.

Teen Court Office Hours

  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday  8am - 12:30pm and 1:30pm - 5pm
  • Location:  A.D. Marshall Public Safety & Courts Building
                     1000 Throckmorton St. - 4th Floor
                     Fort Worth, TX  76102
  • Phone:  817-392-8681

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