Virtual Court Appearance

Virtual Court



The Fort Worth Municipal Court currently serves the public through virtual dockets; virtual court walk-ins are unavailable at this time.

For more information select the chat option or call us at 817-392-6700



The Fort Worth Municipal Court offers an alternative to in-person appearance by providing a Virtual Court option. For individuals that would otherwise appear in walk-in court, Virtual Court allows access to a Judge while affording all parties a safe and structured courtroom appearance.   Please review the e-service, expectations, and requirement in preparation for Virtual Court.
Individuals may gain access to the Virtual Court process by calling 817-392-6700. 

E-Services, Expectations and Requirements

1.1 Participation in e-services allows the Defendant to:

  • Enter a plea of not guilty. Defendants pleading NOT GUILTY will be scheduled for a court date. Notice will be sent to the Defendant for a later date to be determined by the court.
  • Enter a plea of guilty or no contest. Defendants pleading GUILTY or NO CONTEST via the Virtual Court Appearance have the same opportunities for payment plans, community service, compliance dismissals, driver safety courses, or deferred disposition.
  • Request an extension of the due dates established by a previous judgment.
  • Seek resolution of outstanding warrants.


1.2 Virtual Court Decorum

Virtual Court interactions are to be treated the same as face to face interactions in all manners of dress, conduct, and behavior.  This is an official Court appearance and should be treated as such.

All virtual court activity is subject to recording and live broadcasting under Texas Open Court rules.


All proceedings may be viewed by the public.


Notice:  All persons contacting the court either by phone and/or virtually are required to follow the below basic guidelines:


         Follow the staff member or presiding judge’s guidance about when to speak to ensure all parties are heard      

  • Be courteous and respectful to all participants
  • No profanity is allowed
  • Participants are not to place anything in their mouth during the call as this creates communication barriers (excludes medically necessary items)


    All persons engaging the court online will be required to follow basic clothing standards.


    All participants in Virtual Court should dress as if they are physically appearing before a Judge.


    Persons not dressed appropriately will be advised as such and given an opportunity to call back when they are appropriately dressed.

    Examples of inappropriate dress would include but are not limited to:

  • Anything less in fabric than a full t-shirt
  • Swimsuits
  • Anything less than standard shorts

  •  To ensure the best experience and avoid delays:

  • Participate from a location with good overhead lighting and where you can eliminate noise from other sources (family members, pets, loud appliances, etc.)
  • Test your camera and microphone before you connect to the court
  • Avoid setting up your device in front of a window, as you will appear in shadow
  • Minimize interruptions by others in your environment


1.3 Requirements for e-services

  • Must have fast and stable internet connection.
  • Must have a video device, such as webcam on computer, phone or laptop.
  • Must have a microphone or the ability to dial into a number.
  • Must have valid, working email address.
  • Must have UPDATED applications/software and must allow application/plugin installation for Cisco Webex Meetings.
  • Android App
  •  Apple App
  •  PC or Mac 

1.4 Initiate request for e-services


1.5 Hours of Operation for e-services

  • Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.
    • Subject to change based on volume, contact us to be scheduled.


For the Public: Links to Virtual Courtrooms