Priority Repair

The Priority Repair Program helps income-eligible Fort Worth homeowners in need of emergency or mechanical system home repairs with up to $5,000 in repair work.

Priority Repair Technicians will perform a home inspection to determine if an applicant is in need of emergency repairs (priority 1) or non-emergency mechanical system repairs (priority 2).

Priority 1 repairs will be addressed before Priority 2 repairs.

Priority 1 Emergency Repairs

An emergency is a situation or condition that occurred recently without warning, and is considered detrimental or one that poses a threat to life and/or the health safety of occupants and requires immediate action.

Repairs are limited to :

  • Sewer line breaks
  • Fresh water line breaks
  • Gas line breaks/leaks
  • Water heaters (inoperable or unsafe units)
  • Unsafe or inoperable heating systems

Priority 2 Mechanical System Failures

Conditions of deterioration that, if left unattended, will threaten the health or safety of the occupants.

Repairs are limited to:

  • Electrical System Failures
  • Roof Repairs
  • Unsafe or inoperable HVAC systems
  • Unstable, sagging or rotten bathroom subflooring

Program Requirements

To participate in the Priority Repair Program:

  • The home must be located within the City of Fort Worth
  • The home must be owner occupied
  • Home will be denied if total cost of needed repairs exceeds $5,000
  • You must provide verification of household income
  • Required paperwork must be completed before home assessment
  • Total household income for all adults living in the home cannot exceed the income limits shown in the chart.

Income Limits

Household Size Priority Repair
60% AMI
1 $31,620
2 $36,120
3 $40,620
4 $45,120
5 $48,780
6 $52,380
7 $55,980
8 $59,580
9 $63,760
10 $67,940
11 $72,120
12 $76,300
13 $80,480
14 $84,660
15 $88,840
16 $93,020

Call 817-392-7548 for more information.


Use the online form to apply for the Priority Repair Program. Applications are in both English and Spanish.

Priority Repair Program Application