Anderson Campbell Park

Anderson Campbell Park Sign

Anderson Campbell Trail    


  • 1999



  • 24.2  acres


Additional amenities

  • Shelters with picnic tables
  • Trail
  • Parking lot
  • ADA Fitness Station
  • Electricity
  • Stand Alone Swing


Fun facts

 Approximately 11.5 acres of Anderson-Campbell Park was a donation from Mr. Cal Campbell. Its acceptance in 1999 was to help address a deficiency of parkland in the west Rockwood area. Mr. Campbell asked that the park be named “Anderson-Campbell” to honor his deceased grandparents who originally acquired the property. The Anderson Family operated a grocery store on Fort Worth’s north side at the corner of central Avenue and North Grove Street. 

See what plants and animals have been observed at Anderson Campbell Park and help contribute to citizen science by reporting your observations by using the iNaturalist link in the sidebar. 

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