Arnold Park

Arnold Park


  • 1914



  • 3.02  acres


Additional amenities

  • Picnic spot
  • Playground
  • Grills
  • Electricity
  • Stand alone swing


Fun facts

Arnold Park is located in the historic Samuels Avenue neighborhood. Originally twelve houses were on the site of the park at the time of purchase.  Many in Fort Worth wished to honor the memory of the city’s founder, Major Ripley Arnold. Arnold established the military outpost that became the city of Fort Worth and gave the city its name, as he named the post Fort Worth in honor of his commander in the Mexican War, General William Jenkins Worth. Arnold was buried in an unmarked grave in a cemetery just South of the park (named "Pioneers Rest" in 1909), and there was discussion to move his remains to the park but this did not happen.   In 1914, the park board voted to buy the old county orphans’ home that abutted the park along Cold Springs Road to enlarge the park.   Arnold Park received a tennis court and croquet grounds in 1915.   In 2002 the park had updates to the playground and tennis court. 

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