Glenwood Park



  • 1927



  • 36.9  acres


Additional amenities

  • Basketball Court 
  • Benches
  • Bridge
  • Electrical Box
  • Grill
  • Park Lighting
  • Parking Lot
  • Playground
  • Shelter
  • Stand Alone Swing
  • Tables


Fun facts and History 

Glenwood Park is actually the second park in the city with this name. Sycamore Park was briefly known as Glenwood Park but the name was changed to avoid confusion with the community of Glenwood located between Fort Worth proper and Sycamore Park.

 The community of Glenwood was platted in 1890. It was located just east of the Fort Worth city limits and south of the Texas and Pacific tracks. Even after it was annexed into Fort Worth in 1909, the name Glenwood continued to be used for area churches and businesses. Within the community was Tyler’s Lake, a privately owned beauty spot that was a popular gathering place for residents. This parcel was among the tracts that George Kessler recommended that the park board acquire in his 1909 master plan. It wasn’t until 1927 that 31.66 acres was purchased for parkland from Mrs. Bell Tyler. The purchase price was $8,000.

 At some point Tyler’s Lake was drained but the notion of refilling the lake arose in 1953. The park department removed underbrush and trees from the lakebed but the lake was never recreated due to lack of funds. A shelter in Forest Park was relocated to this park and new restroom facilities installed around this time. Four acres that were separated from the park proper were sold. Although the park is located along a busy north-south arterial and near a densely populated area, its continued use as a park was debated.

 In Hare and Hare’s 1957 master plan, Glenwood Park was described as “relatively unimproved.” The plan stated that the park could be of more use by “detouring the ditch through the center, or supplying a storm sewer.” It was proposed that the former lake site could be used for a baseball field and picnic and playground facilities could be located elsewhere in the park.

 The park has received improvements over the years, including the replacement of its shelter in 2006-07 though the Small Capital Projects Work Crew Plan. Other amenities include a playground and picnic facilities. 


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