Lean Leaders

The city is training employees at all levels of the organization in Lean principles. Employees learn how to analyze current processes, identify potential solutions and ultimately streamline local government.

Lean Leaders have been instrumental in improving processes so that the city can provide faster and more efficient services to citizens. In the first eight months of the program, employees facilitated teams to address 50 different processes.

Example Projects

  • Sub-standard Building Process
  • Purchasing Request, Greater than $50,000
  • Zoning Request Process
  • Commercial Meter Reading
  • Chlorine Shipment Cost for Water Department
  • Planning and Development Call Center
  • Water Conservation
  • Field Operations Time Sheets
  • Department Status Reporting
  • Crime Lab Processes
  • Water Plant Chemical Usage
  • Zoning Plan Review Process

Our mission is to improve employee and operational performance to create an even better tomorrow.