Texas Motor Speedway Area Master Plan

At the direction of the Fort Worth City Council, and under the guidance of a Mayor-appointed advisory committee made up of a broad range of stakeholders, City staff prepared the following master plan for the Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) area. In accordance with Council direction, the master plan provides the following desired results:

  • Assessment of the speedway’s economic and environmental impacts on the surrounding area and the broader region.
  • Recommendations for compatible land uses within the speedway’s noise and traffic impact area.
  • Recommendations for appropriate infrastructure improvements to support policies and strategies in the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

The Texas Motor Speedway Area Master Plan was adopted by City Council on Sept. 15, 2009.

  1. Title and Credits(PDF, 125KB)
  2. Table of Contents(PDF, 13KB)
  3. Executive Summary(PDF, 2MB)
  4. Chapters
    1. Background(PDF, 2MB)
    2. Goals and Policies(PDF, 507KB)
    3. Case Studies
    4. Economic Impact(PDF, 415KB)
    5. Land Use(PDF, 2MB)
    6. Transportation(PDF, 1MB)
    7. Water and Sewer Infrastructure(PDF, 3MB)
    8. Environmental Impact(PDF, 2MB)
    9. Regional Context, Cooperation and Future Planning
  5. Appendix A: TMS Area Transportation Plan(PDF, 1MB)
  6. Appendix B: Projections Methodology(PDF, 879KB)
  7. Appendix C: Economic Analysis (Insight Research)(PDF, 766KB)