Downtown Parking

View downtown parking rates differ from location to location. Click on a parking lot to see pricing for that location.

Visit the parking meter page for details about on-street parking.



Resident Lot at City Hall

  • Parking in the lot will be $2 an hour with a maximum $8 per day.
  • Fees apply Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.(excluding reserved spaces in the lot.).
  • The lot is free after 6 p.m. and on city observed holidays.
    This lot uses pay stations similar to on-street parking stations, but will require a space number.
  • Make a note of your space number before paying.

Houston and Commerce Street Garage

  • Daily rates (no in–and-out privileges) 0-20 minutes $3
  • 21-40 minutes $6
  • 41-60 minutes $9
  • 61-80 minutes $12
  • 81-100 minutes $15
  • 101 to 12 hours $18
  • 12- 24 hours $22 

Special events

  • $18 Monthly Parking Regular (first-come, first served above third floor)
  • $150 Non-Reserved monthly parking
  • $400 Reserved parking

How to pay

Step 1.Meter Payment Methods

Coins are accepted at meters, as is payment through the FW PARK app.

Step 2.Meter Feeding

Drivers are required to move their vehicles when the meter time limits expire. Drivers cannot insert more coins to extend the time on the meter.

Step 3.Disabled Parking

Drivers with valid disability placards or license plates may park at city meters for free up to the meter's maximum time limit, listed in the rates above.

Step 4.Meter Rental

Parking meters may be rented for special events or in conjunction with construction work being performed in the street, sidewalk or adjacent property.

An initial fee of $20 plus $10 per metered space per day is required. An expedited fee of $100 is required per meter order if turnaround time is 48 hours or less.

In the event that the requester is disabled and needs to get as close as possible (at a street meter) to the place in which business is being conducted, please send proof of disability and proof of required business in the vicinity along with the request for rental.