Street Lights



Step 1.About Signs

  1. All signs installed under this policy shall be in accordance with the provisions contained herein as approved by the City Traffic Engineer.
  2. Signs shall be installed only at locations with existing street name signs. There shall be only one neighborhood identification sign per street name sign location. (Generally, one per intersection).
  3. Neighborhood identification signs shall be installed only in neighborhoods officially recognized by the City of Fort Worth.
  4. In order to provide uniformity and consistency in materials and workmanship, all signs shall be fabricated and installed by the Transportation and Public Works Department.

Step 2.Size & Materials

  1. These signs shall be fabricated using aluminum sign blanks 12" inches at the highest point and 24 inches in length.
  2. If no color preference is indicated by the neighborhood, the background of the sign face shall be a silver-white reflective material with a green reflective legend.
  3. The legend shall consist of 2.25 inch upper case letters and 1.69 inch lower case letters for the neighborhood name and a simple insignia, logo or icon for the neighborhood symbol. The insignia shall be no larger than 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches.
  4. The cost of materials and labor to fabricate and install these signs shall be borne by the applicant. When the sign needs replacing due to vandalism, loss or normal wear, the neighborhood association shall bear the cost to replace the sign at the then prevailing rate for such signs. The Transportation and Public Works Department shall determine all fabrication and installation costs on an annual basis. The City of Fort Worth will not replace or maintain the signs. It will only be replaced once the neighborhood association has provided the appropriate sum. The City of Fort Worth reserves the right to remove any neighborhood identification signs that have become unsightly without replacing the sign.

Application & Fees

Step 1.Application 

  • The Neighborhood Association shall apply for the signs to be installed by providing to the Traffic Services Division:
    • A letter requesting the signs to be placed at specific intersections within or on the boundaries of its neighborhood, a camera-ready copy of the neighborhood insignia of the size specified in section 7 above and a check in the appropriate amount.
    • The Transportation and Public Works Department will verify the locations and correct amount before proceeding with fabrication and installation.
  • The initial application shall be:
    • Minimum of ten signs, unless the number of intersections in the neighborhood is less than ten.
    • The initial request for neighborhood identification signs should include the major entrance points into the neighborhood.
    • All subsequent orders shall be a minimum of ten signs.

Step 2.Fee for Signs

  • The price of the signs includes:
    • One layout drawing for approval by the requestor.
    • An art charge of $20 per hour (15 minute minimum) will be charged for each additional art change.
    • A full size prototype can be provided at $30 each.
    • If the prototype is returned and used for installation, the $30 will be credited to the amount due.
      • If returned, but with changes needed, $15 will be credited to the amount due.