Street Lights

Transportation and Public Works is responsible for maintenance of 64,944 street lights and response to approximately 10,000 service requests annually.

The City of Fort worth typically maintains High Pressure Sodium (HPS) cobrahead fixtures and Mercury-Vapor (MV) lamps. The City is working on replacing old HPS & MV lamps with light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights that have the same perceived level of brightness as the old lights but results in a reduction in energy use. Residential, arterial and connector streets have wattages ranging from 40Watts to 150Watts.


Street Light Outages

Street light outages can be submitted here and will be investigated by city crews. Routine repairs such as a street light head replacement will be made within 30 business days. Complex repairs that require construction of new concrete foundations, directional boring (i.e. underground), or involve freeway lighting are typically transferred to a contractor for repairs. Additional time may be required for contractor repairs. 


New Street Light Requests

New Street lights are installed as part of improvement projects of when funded by developers. Transportation and Public Works also installs new street lights to enhance traffic safety on city roadways.

Requests for new street lights can be submitted here and will be evaluated based on the policy outlined in the City of Fort Worth Transportation Engineering Manual. All new street light requests that are approved for installation will be implemented as funding is available.