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One of the ways that the Stormwater Program accomplishes its mission to "Protect People and Property from Harmful Stormwater Runoff", is through IMPROVING drainage and reduce erosion through construction of projects.

Stormwater Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)


The Stormwater CIP team engages in three key steps during the improvement process:

what the
issues are.

those issues based
on hazard.

hazards through

Current Drainage Improvement Projects

The Stormwater Management Program improves drainage and reduces erosion though construction of projects.

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Hazard Road Overtopping Mitigation (HROM)

The City of Fort Worth's Hazardous Road Overtopping Mitigation (HROM) Program is an ongoing effort to identify hazardous road location due to flooding, prioritize them, and where feasible, develop solutions to make them safer. The HROM Program was created in response to
life-threatening and fatal incidents associated with flood roads, usually at stream crossings.

HROM Fact Sheet(PDF, 2MB).      HROM FAQ's(PDF, 303KB)



Storm Drain Pipe Rehabilitation

Another improvement program is drainage pipe rehabilitation. The City routinely inspects drainage pipes to identify problem areas, which are prioritized for improvement based on risk. Some repairs are small in scope; others require large construction projects to repair a void or pipe that has become structurally unstable.

Overall, these projects proactively rehab infrastructure before hazardous sinkholes occur and help to ensure the existing drainage pipes function as designed to carry stormwater away from homes and businesses.


Channel Rehabilitation

The channel restoration program usually centers around erosion, when roads, underground pipes or property are being significantly exposed and threatened. Projects are designed to reestablish the original channel condition based on risk.


Flood Mitigation Projects

Finally, flood mitigation projects are evaluated to improve the flow of stormwater to a designated location to alleviate flooding to homes and businesses. Improvements may include providing storage — called detention — to release water slowly and safely. Other improvements may collect and convey runoff through a channel or pipe. And some channels and pipes may need to be expanded because they aren’t adequately sized to handle the flow of stormwater effectively.