Water bill messages and inserts

Below are the bill messages and inserts for the current month and previous two months.


Step 1.Bill Message 

Fort Worth Water is hiring! Come work for water! Multiple positions open, great benefits, competitive pay. See openings & apply at www.FortWorthTexas.gov/job-board.

¡Fort Worth Agua está contratando, ven trabaja para el agua! Varias posiciones abiertas, muy buen salario y beneficios. Posiciones & solicitud en www.FortWorthTexas.gov/job-board.


Step 1.Bill Message 

If you have a sewer backup, call us at 817-392-4477 to check the city line before you call a plumber. If the backup is in the city pipe, this saves you the expense of having a plumber respond. If the backup is in your private line, the crew will tell you so you can call a plumber.  Learn to prevent clogged drains at www.ceasethegreasentx.com.


Step 1.Bill message

Struggling to pay your water bill? Federal funds are available for a limited time. Call 817-392-5795 for more information.

¿Tiene dificultades con pagar su factura de agua? Fondos federales están disponibles por tiempo limitado. Llame a 817-392-5795 para más información.