Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility

One million people and numerous industries in 23 communities are served by the award winning Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility. The plant, permitted to process an average of 166 million gallons of wastewater each day, is owned and operated by the City of Fort Worth.


The service area consists of most of Tarrant County and a portion of Johnson County. This is one of the largest and fastest growing areas in the United States that does not have a major waterway for disposal of treated wastewater.


Treated effluent is discharged into the Trinity River, a sensitive stream that also receives treated wastewater from surrounding counties. During dry months, the river may be composed of up to 95 percent wastewater,. Performance of the Village Creek facility is critical to the river’s vitality and usefulness as a drinking water source for those downstream.


The Village Creek WRF has done its job well. In 2020, the plant received a Gold Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies for having no discharge permit violations in the previous year. The plant has received recognition from NACWA 29 of the past 30 years.  


In addition, the plant has earned several awards for its biosolids program.